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Just Hold Her Men !!!

I know , I know ... why just hold her ? Fellas , I have been sooo blessed to have a wife who talks to me and tells me what she needs . If we are to be the head of our house and want our wives to trust us with our choices , then she needs to feel secure that if we are wrong , [ and yes we are wrong allot ] , then we will turn back and protect her ... admit that we missed it ... and need her forgiveness and opinion to find our way home .

Men ... if your wife is uncertain about your leading and submits to you out of love and respect for you as Gods man , then turn to her and just hold her in your arms awhile , and show her that she can feel secure trusting God and you . Nothing means more to a woman that a nice long , unsexual hug !

Submission makes a wife feel vulnerable . Remember guy's , she thinks you may be wrong . Assure her that her submission is Godly and very appreciated by you . By doing this , you will gain the best gift God had in store for you men , a praying wife who will hold you up to heaven as tight as you held her in your arms . Don't just be a man ... be a Godly man . God Bless you Men as you try to hold you family together . Mike :boy_hug: Thanks Mary For Always Praying For Me .... Even When You Know I Am Wrong !!!! :boy_hug: :love: Mike
aww :love: Thanks a lot for stepping forward and saying this :love: its a BIG subject and may God bless you too :love:
I gotta say that if God isnt trying to speak to me here then Ive got blindfolds on. I needed to hear this and need more like this wow bang smack right in the face.....thanks bro for shareing.