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just got a new gym membership

hey guys just got a gym membership today and its in the same complex were i work so its really convienient as well!! hopefully i can go regularly and keep doing it!! ill keep yas updated as to how its going
Staff Member
Don't bail out so quick like the many normally do. Be patient, work hard and eat right.
Pray that GOD will guide you and bless you.
good on ya Bro... you cee i knew you woudl get that Member ship... LOL now to decide wether to go before or after work is the question...

Love Simon!!!
hey went to my first session today before i had work and enjoyed it heaps!! its really nice gym, coz its just opened its got all nice new equipment too!! yay!! i do a lot of like 5 hour shifts so it shouldnt be hard to get myself there....so if i start work late i can go before or if i finish early i can go after!! i also got a fitness evauluation on tuesday and they give you a fitness evaluation every 3 months and like tell ya what sort of thigns would suit ya best!!
that sounds heaps kool craig!! keep it up man!!...

wish i could b so motivated!! lol
hey all ive now had a couple sessions and although im a little sore from it, it feels really good, today i have my fitness evaluation so ill go for another session aswell today, im planning on going 4-5 times a week!! so far im on par!!! it'll be 3 out of 4 days today!!
Good luck, I wish you the best. I have always wanted a gym membership but there isn't a gym within 70 miles of where I live.
been 6 out of the last 8 days and starting to feel some changes already and im feeling good its keeping me busy too!! but im really enjoying it!!
Staff Member
Working out not only helps you physically but mentally and emotionally as well. By relieving stress and sweating toxins your doing more good for yourself than you may realize! :)

Working out is very important but nothing beats exercising stronger faith in Christ :D
Thumbs up for the gym

I love going to the gym.

My membership ran out in May though but making the leap back soon ... can't wait. Find it a great stress reliever and love how I feel after a long session or a mind and body chill out class.

Great stuff ... I agree :thumbs_up
Soldier of God said:
You are doing great from the sound of your posts. Remember your muscles need time to heal, give them rest also. There are supplements that reduce recovery time however rest is never bad in my experience. God Bless.

yeh im have a rest day here and there today being one of them!!!

i did this kick boxing class last night my word it was hard but its really good for fitness and also for how to defend yourself!!

im already noticing the differences in my body, i was never like over weight or nothing but had a little bit of weight to lose and im starting to lose that already and ive gained alot of strength already....the weights i have been doing are getting much lighter etc...

so yeh just under 2 weeks and im already noticing the differences so in another month time ill be well on my way to the body shape/fitness/strength i want to be at
yay craig!!!

sounds like ur havin heaps-a fun doin it as well!!

congrats man!!

an keep it up!!