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Just follow the Crowd

Staff Member
Just follow the Crowd

- July 25, 2005

Jesus said, "Follow me, and I will make you fishers of men." Mark 1 :17

Recently I went to Houston, Texas, and was most excited that I would be able to worship at a very large and well-known church. I called the church office when I arrived in town, asking for directions. The lady I spoke with gave them to me, saying, " and when you get close to our location, just follow the crowd!" "The crowd" is right! Thirty thousand members make a mighty big crowd, in my opinion. Surely I wouldn't get lost.

Following the crowd isn't always advisable, however, for fads come and go in this life and secular ideas may lead us into trouble. Promiscuity, overindulgence and selfishness pervade the world today.

We need not follow the crowds, but we should follow a good leader. Jesus is the leader I want to follow, for I believe He was sent to this earth by God Himself, to show us how to live, renew our minds and provide us with everlasting life with the Father. He is the One who came from the Heavenlies for a brief period of time on this earth to save mankind from separation from God. His ideas were not popular with the crowds- then or now, but I choose to follow Him anyway, for His ways are right and His words are true. Will you join me in following Him? We will be blessed together!

Angels Touch ! You must post more . Looks like we have another teacher onboard ! Thanks sister . :thumbs_up Mike