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Just Folks-by Edgar Guest

This is a artical that my Mother had cliped out of a news paper some years ago. I wont to share it with you all.

My Wish
Lord, I do not ask to be
Richer than he ,
Greater than neighbor
Whom daily I see,
Better or braver
or nobler than all;
Teach me contentment
With what may befall
Lord, I do not ask to be
Favored on earth,
Spared from all misery,
Granted all mirth,
Path strewn with roses,
With skies always blue;
Heart of man grant me
To fight my way through.
Heart of man granted me
'Tis all that I ask,
Faith for my sorrow,
And strength for my task.
Life in its fullness
I'm willing to know;
Teach me contentment
Wherever I go.

God bless
Your sister in Christ Jesus