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just a simple question..!!!

hi there...well im in the living room talking with my sis and im trying to explain to her that its wrong of u kiss(only this one boy on the cheak!!!!)
and hug boys just for fun...even if he´s not ur BF!!!!And im failing cause i dont really know how to explain....so now im asking u guys!!!
PLEASE tell me what ya all think

god bless
Hugs can be an expression of gratitude. They can also give out the wrong "signal" as well. I suggest that you council your sister concerning the differing "reasons" that one might do this. Is it a pleading for favor?...or a common courtesy/custom?...or...? Many times it's the "why", or motive that someone might have behind the "what" that they do, even if they don't quite understand it themselves. Oh, and especially, pray and seek the Lord in this matter as well...first...is there another around (parent, authoruty figure, or?) whom she might listen to more?...we shall anticipate your victory, amen!
thanks for ur reply....well i dont know if she would listen to my parents...but i could try...but as her older sis i do feel a bit responabal for her..i mean i look after her and so even if she doesnt want me to!!
but i´ll talk to god bout it....that might help...and it willl i know!!!!
god bless kara