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Judge declares mistrial in Officer Michael Slager murder trial of Michael Scott

This is the second thread in which you've not commented other than to ask a question of others. What are your thoughts?
Staff Member
:) Actually this was the first one I responded to. I saw the other after this one :)

Since you asked. Working in the Department of Correction, reading articles, and most especially reading scripture I am not at all surprised by this. You can look throughout history and see the injustices of man upon man, and know that without Christ Jesus in the life of man. The further man gets from God and His precepts. The worse it will continue to get. The day of judgment is not that far off.

So my question to you since you are the originator of the thread. What were you seeking to communicate to the believer? What can the believer take from this? Keeping in mind that news like this is common, and the occurrences are more often than not minimized, incorrectly reported, if they are reported at all.

With the Love of Christ Jesus.