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Joyce Meyer books?

Does anyone know what the difference between the Battlefields of the Minds: Battle of the Mind vs. Battlefields of the Minds: War of the Mind???

Also has anyone gotten the study book to go along with this?

Does anyone have any other recommendations about books or would like to chat about them or whatever else - fell free.

tissie1 - I don't know if there's a difference. I have Battlefield of the Mind - Winning the Battle in Your Mind. I don't have the study book belonging to that one but I would recommend it. I have more notes than enough written on my copy of the book. The Study Guide is good to get you to think about what you are reading.

Another good one of Joyce's is "Me and My Big Mouth" - this one will really make you think about the words you speak and train you to speak Words of life over yourself.
I can't help with your question, but two weeks ago Joyce was here in Brazil and it was really good, She was like a powerfull spiritual rain over our country, many lives have being change. the power of God really came over our life between the live of our sister.
Thanks God, for the life of Joyce Mayer !
tissie1, I'm familiar w/ the book, have Joyce's book Battefield of the mind, have not heard of the other one... but I seen in WalMart the other day, they've got a devotional from that book now, too. I have been to her conference she used to have yearly in Grand Rapids Mich. It was anointed, so inspiring, she's real and a blessing, great teaching, biblical. I would recommend tapes by a Andrew Womack, called Harnessing Your Emotions. Also, anything by Watchman Nee, Normal Christian living, his writing is pretty deep, but life transforming. God bless!