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Joy for GOD

Discussion in 'Introduction' started by dangergone, Nov 27, 2016.

  1. Dear everyone,
    JESUS CHRIST a year ago was being confessed on my mouth as LORD and HE has changed me inside out with HIS Hope. I'm trying to grow in HIS Knowledge and Joy because its difficult because I suffer with mental health and physical health issues.. I need prayer from y'all that the LORD Bless my path with HIS Patience and Understanding so that I do not offend HIS Righteousness and Majesty because i'm being difficult to obey HIM and to regard myself as HIS Child. Thank you for welcoming me to this place in advance, I hope to spread the WORD Of GOD and hear it equally and to be nudged by THE HOLY SPIRIT in every good path.
  2. First welcome to Talk Jesus Dear Sister @dangergone :)
    You don't have to worry about God's patience! Hasn't He been patient waiting for all eternity for the moment you finally came to Him? He understands the path you have traveled and the one that lays before you. Lean upon Him, and He will support you through it all.

    I rejoice that you have come here and are His. You too should rejoice even though at times it may be through tears for what you are going through. Always remember that He is there with you every step of the way.

    Praying that your Brothers & Sisters in Christ Jesus here may help in ministering to your growth in His Word (Bible) and prayers for your well being (Health) both physically and spiritually.

    Once again be welcome little sister.
    With the Love of Christ Jesus.

    Romans 5:1-5
  3. Thank you Nick for comforting me and being such a good Brother to me, I really need it. Thank you for quoting Romans 5 as it was really comforting and eye-opening. Do you have any suggestions or recommendations about being on this forum? Thank you


  4. Sister Sarah......hummm sounds like a movie title ;-)
    Glad to be of help, though I will tell you all that I do or am able to do that is helpful is to the Glory of God, because it's only because of Him that I've made it to today. Many folks here like to say "To the Glory of God" as a reply to being thanked :)

    Had a couple of links to share but now only one, because it looks like you've already found the one posted by Brother/Administrator Chad in Sermons - Answered Prayer Our Assurance.
    So..I'll just post the Statement of Faith.

    Statement of Faith - Talk Jesus

    You'll find through the main page the other forums. Ones that come in handy cause you're a woman of cause :) is the "Woman's Forum". Though as a Male Moderator I can go in and check it. I avoid this since we also have other Sisters in Christ Jesus who are also Moderators that can do that. You might want to use this area if you have a "woman's thing" that you want to talk about LOL! We also, have a men's forum so don't think we're sexist...hehehe...get a man going and it's yadda yadda yadda..(Like me now) :)

    Prayers & Counseling Forums are also there for support. We do have a Brother Chopper who is a retired Pastor (is there such a thing? At least that's what he'll tell you. Retired that is.) who you can look up for Counseling. Just let him know Nick sent yaaa....he's got such a good heart that if you're honest and open with him I'm sure he'd offer sound advice/help....though I'm sure he'd help you even if you don't mention my name.

    Of cause the other forums where you can always ask questions concerning the Bible and something you've read are also available. You can look them over and decide or ask any of the Brothers & Sisters in Christ Jesus who will be more than willing to help as well any of the Moderators who happen to be on line.

    I could go through each of them, but browsing around because there is so much stuff to read from others is probably the best way. Use the search engine with a subject word if you have a question that you think might have been asked before. It will provide you many, many, many threads/postings on it.

    Well, I think I've said a mouthful so far to at least keep you busy for awhile :) but you're always welcomed to shoot me a question.

    Once again. I'm glad you've joined little sister.
    With the Love of Christ Jesus.

    P.S. My suggestion? Just jump right in and start posting like you have here in your introduction. Might take a bit before you start getting responses, but depending on how you setup your profile page. You can even get notifications when someone answers/responds to one of your postings/threads.
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  6. @dangergone

    Welcome to the forum, sister. Our God is able in all situations. When you talk to Him, ask Him to help you trust in Him at all times, both in the valleys and on the mountaintops.
  7. Welcome aboard! :)

    Your story seems to be a common one these days. It can be difficult to grow in Christ when we suffer with mental and physical health issues. When we are in torment or pain, our joy, even our faith can be shaken at times. The evil one is on the attack more than ever, since he knows his time is short.

    Thank God for His enduring patience and His unending love for us. You are in my prayers as well.

    May God Bless you.
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  8. Thank you so much for the pointers. I read the statement of Faith its very powerful. Very glad to know I share a faith with so many on here.

    See you around, Nick.
    Much love,


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