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Joe's Dad With Jesus!

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Update on my Dad!

At around 6am -6:25am this morning Monday
April 3rd. 2006,Colorado time;

My father, Saverio C. Russo closed his eyes for
the last time and left his earthly vessel on the
hospital intensive care room bed!

He died of Alzheimer's Disease and wasted away
to less than 70lbs!

He died penniless! My sister told me that he can
only be 'cremated' with the money left on his
insurance plan. He will be cremated tomorrow.

He had no will because all of his wordly riches went
to his living and then medical expenses!

His 'ashes' will be flown to Long Island, New York
where he lived and with my Mom helped raise us
three children.

His 'urn' will be buried right next to my loving
mother's grave.

No more pain, no more struggle and no more fears!

He walked into the arms of Our Loving Lord and Savior
Jesus Christ and is fellowshipping with my Mom,Grandma
and all of God's elect from Adam to the present!

He received Christ in his heart last year, as he prayed
with my sister Marie, in the hospital room.

Glory to God! Another Child of God has come home!

1Cor. 15:55: O death, where is thy sting? O grave,
where is thy victory?

Psalms:116:15: Precious in the sight of the LORD is
the death of his saints.

Please pray for God's comfort, peace and love for my
family, my father's brothers and sisters and myself.
Thank you!

My family and I would welcome any pms you would like to send.

God Bless you all!

Your brother in Christ,

:love: Blessings, care and God's eternal love encompass you all at all times.:love:

:love: In Christ

:love: Thank you for Saverio C. Russo. Peace be with You all:love:
Hi Set free,

My deepest sympathies. May our Lord Jesus Christ surround you and your family with his love and comfort. God bless.

I send you my sympathies on the loss of your father.

I liked what you said

'no more pain, no more struggles, no more fear'

He is now with the Lord, and may this alone bring you and your family some comfort.

God bless you Joe and family

:love: Calluna
Staff Member
Praise Jesus Christ that GOD has received your earthly father. I am grateful for GOD's grace on your father as on all of us.

I will continue praying for your family that they may receive joy over pain, peace over discomfort.

Thank you for updating us brother
Joe, I rejoice with you that your dad has gone home to be with the Lord. You and your family are in my prayers. :love:
Joe I pray that God will be with you and your family.Your father is now entrusted too the God of love and comfort. The God who promises to wipe away all tears will hold him close. I know that God will help you all in this time of sorry and in time fill the emptiness so you may all move forward. Please extend my sympathy's to your family.

Yours In Christ
Rose Mary
Pray Gods comforting Spirit surrounds you and your family Joe

2Th 3:5 The Lord direct your hearts into the love of God, and into the patient waiting for Christ.
Your Kindness has been received!

My brothers and Sisters of Christ Jesus,

My family and I receive all your love,
compassion and sympathy at this most
difficult time of our loss!

We will pray for your needs also!

May God bless you all with His Presence
and comfort in the trials you are facing!

Sincerely in Christ, :love:

Joe,Danise,Jason, Marie, and Richard Russo
Hello Set free, Sorry to hear of your loss, but he is at home with our Savior, oh how I envy.. May God be with you and your family during this duration.. and Love what you said .. God Bless, Suzeva :love:
Brother Joe . Thank you for allowing me to be with you during this time in your family's trial . Your dad was very blessed to have you as his son . :love: :boy_hug: Mike
My sincere condolences to you and your family brother Set Free. Absent from the body, present with the lord.

God bless brother...
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