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Job??? To apply or not???

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I have less than 24 hours to apply for a job. It looks good but don't know if it's the right thing. Don't know if God would want it for me or not. How will I know??

Any light??
Thats a hard question . I will pray that God will confirm any leading . :love: Mike
Sleepy, if I were you and you're still not sure, why don't you apply for it anyway and ask God to show you if it's for you. Getting the application form will not do any harm, and will give you more time to seek God on this. Sometimes we don't get a clear answer right away. You don't even have to send the form in if you feel it's not what God wants.
Hi Sleepy,

I myself would get the form and apply. God is pretty amazing. Not only does He open doors - He closes them too. He knows whats best for us and takes care of His own. God bless.

Thank you. I decided to begin my application but feel too tired to concentrate and give it my best because I had to ring around for my 3 referees and they could 'talk for England' therefore the clock is now too much against me and I need some rest tonight. Maybe God does work in mysterious ways as I had some cracking conversations tonight though no application. I hope there's another opportunity around the corner.

Blessings and thanks xx:love: