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Job 16:6-8

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Job 16:6-8 King James Version (KJV)
6 Though I speak, my grief is not asswaged: and though I forbear, what am I eased?
7 But now he hath made me weary: thou hast made desolate all my company.
8 And thou hast filled me with wrinkles, which is a witness against me: and my leanness rising up in me beareth witness to my face.

Job 16:6-8 International Standard Version (ISV)

“But if I speak, my pain isn’t assuaged;
if I refrain from speaking, what do I have to lose?”
Job Claims of God’s Mistreatment
7 “God has certainly worn me out;
you devastated my entire world.
8 You’ve arrested me, making me testify against myself!
My leanness rises up to attack me, accusing me to my face.

International Standard Version (ISV)
Copyright © 1995-2014 by ISV Foundation. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED INTERNATIONALLY. Used by permission of Davidson Press, LLC.

These are my thoughts, please share yours.

6 Job did not expect his words to help but felt he needed to defend himself against their attacks on him. We need Jesus who is the Word because He comforts like no other.

7 Job lost everyone but his wife from his family an job lost what he owned and was in sickness, there was nothing more that could be done to hurt Job but for him to die and while God don’t bring bad things He did allow satan to bring these things upon Job because God had good to do from it. God lets bad happen to us so that good can come out.

8 Job thought God may have turned against him and his friends talking may have lead him to think this way, if they hadn’t came along he may have not come to this point. God is never our enemy if we have faith in Him.
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The Creator has allowed and blessed Job with soo much: Why does he allow it to be taken away? Has the Creator allowed Job to be wronged? It seems unfair. Whether Job speaks or not it makes nothing better; the reality is still present. "This was probably his train of thought or it could have been mine in that situation"

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