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Jews and Gentiles

Today at church something special happened. Well, I thnk its special. Tonight at 6:00 our church is celebrating the Feast of Tabernackles. Granted its really next week.

Anyhow, before the preacher preached on something totally different, he pulled out two stools. He sat on one, and invited a Rabbi on the other one. They did a basic Q and A session about how through Christ our two cultures can be joined together. To me it was cool. They explained some of the rituals of it and I don't know I just found it interesting.

This service was another example how God is good and His plan is awesom.

God Bless,
yes God is Awesome, and so great is His mercies. For Christ is coming back for one body in Christ in love.
If you enjoyed that, you should see if there is a Messianic congregation in your area. I went last night for Sukkot service, it was awesome.