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Jewish and Christian cars...

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There was once a Jewish Rabbi that lived in a house and shared the same enclosure with the neighboring dwelling. One day, a Christian Priest moved in the second house.
One morning the Priest was washing his car. He saw that the Rabbi's car could use some washing so he decided to surprise his neighbor. Just as he finished with the washing, the Rabbi went out, looked at his car, then at the Priest, said "Hello", and took his car to town.
The next morning, the Priest decided to take his car for a spin. When he got out he saw the Rabbi beneath his car, with a metal saw, cutting his exhaust. The man almost lost his mind. He went to the Rabbi, and said: "What's this supposed to mean?" The Jew got up and said: "Well, yesterday you baptized my car with water. Now i'm going to circumcise yours."

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