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JesusChrist Super Star 1973 {TIMELESS}

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Another life time ago........Me & a Marine I knew in Italy, actually memorized this album....everybody else would be partying away and we'd have headphones on singing this album!!!!

I should have been so proficient in His Word instead!

Thanks for sharing brother.
With the Love of Christ Jesus.
Staff Member
It's strange but I can still recall the sound of the horn being blown and I haven't listened to the album in over 40 years!
The only thing is..never mentions the resurrection and its from Judas point of view.

Songs are catchy tho.
After watching this movie again yesterday I can confirm yes it has blasphemous elements especially the Mary song I don't know how to love him and making this scripture into a musical dosent work at all while I enjoy the Joseph musical it is fun this the true story of Christ wich actually happend does not need a musical rendition
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