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Jesus works wonders here...

I posted this………

Help I need bible verses

Mum is very very sick now. The cancer is getting worse. I need bible verses that will comfort her in this dark and painful time.

Any that give peace, hope and especially salvation ( I pray she is saved ). She believes in God and Jesus.

The journey of pain is intensifying and she is scared of what is to come. I'll make a list and give them to her so she can read them in really desperate times.

I talked with Mum last night and tried my best to share all I knew. I lack knowledge of the bible though so need your help.

Thank you for reading this. All help is always greatly appreciated.
Sleepy wakes for Jesus

and you responded in love with many verses……then guess what????

Well, I read them to her tonight...

Thank you

All the verses you shared touched my mum's heart tonight. Praise God for his goodness and divine intervention in our lives.

She was in great physical pain and scripture comforted, eased and healed her pains. Scripture I would have found difficult to locate but was here tonight at the flick of a button.

She is resting and now has a sense of peace.

Thank you for all your love, wisdom and compassion. Truly Christ is here, working wonders.

I must thank God for the courage and conviction given to me too.
Sleepy wakes for Jesus

Amazing Huh?

Also since this last post... Mum has been very lucky and got a place in the local Hospice which is beautiful … there are only 14 beds for thousands in the town. Hospital had become very tiring. She is physically and spiritually comforted. Praise God for his care. Thank you :love:
Sleepy . You are in our prayers daily . I rejoice with you in you're comfort . I pray that God will continue to give you and mom peace and comfort in Jesus name ! Mike :love: :boy_hug:
Sleepy, i`m sure your words have touched the very heart of God!
Continued prayers are going up for you both, that
Jesus would keep you both wrapped in His arms of love,
and peace that surpasses all understanding will fill your souls! :love: