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Jesus Wept


I see those eyes, oh so wise
Tears blossoming on each side
He weeps for whom He loves
showing His grace with flocks of doves
His eyes are fixed on all the earth
Searching our hearts from our day of birth
Precious blood that has freed
Everyone, even me!
A light so bright, eternally glowing
Through the darkest of nights
He is there with with tears of love
Smiling on us from heaven above
On His throne of majesty and glory
Urging us to believe His story
I hear Your voice calling to me
The tears You wept set me free
Your pure love flowed to the sky
As You fell on Your knees and cried
Father Your will not mine
Your sweet face
Tight with pain
Breaking my heart
As sharp nails peirced You again and again
In these times when love is rare
Remember Him and the cross He bared
Tears of graditude freely flow from my eyes
As Your might voice gave that cry
It is finished
The Lamb saved mankind
You died and rose to Your Fathers throne
I excitedly await the day
When those beautiful eyes will weep with joy
As all Your sheep join Your side
Our King shall reign and all sin will pass away
I know the glory Your sacrifice brings
As we spend eternity as a family
I feel You with me every day
My blessed hope will never fade
Our days are uncertain
The end happens so swift
Please be prepared and except His free gift
Eternal life is the prize in which we speak
Granted to His faithful and meek
Trust in Him and He will come near
Blessing you with peace
You shall live without fear
In your heart hear the Lords voice
Now is the time to make your choice
So this I say to every soul God creates
Life is hard or so it seems
Look to heaven and be redeemed!

By Brother In Christ and Witty :shade: