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Jesus through mainstream music

I have been a radiohead for years.Ive listened and seen the good ,the bad,and the downright ugly. If anyone wants to discuss the downright ugly I dont mind sharing how I coped with it's effects and it's roots to the s man privately.But on a Brighter Note I have some mainstream favorites.Bob Dylan is a fascinating character and his lyrics are definitly challenging.The Call is a real favorite Ive seen them many times.Michael Been's wife Carol is a Lutheran pastor somewhere out here last time I heard. Peter Gabriel has always been a pleasure to listen to although controversial.Jesse Collin Young,The Guess Who,Kansas I cant think of any more at the moment but I really look for tunes that reach out through the mainstream an manage to get a hold of the the listener and bring them closer to salvation.Music is a complicated medium and Ive found the Lord in some pretty odd places through the years of listening.There have been plenty of Christian musicians who play mainstream I am really interested in compiling a database on them.Shalom Christan
All music was created for , and by GOD , as a spiritual offering unto him . The devil perverts allot of it for sure . Dust in the wind , by Kansas is a great song . The lead singer for Kansas turned his life and art over to JESUS 15 years ago . His name is Kerry Livegrin , and he has a few christian cd's out .
I love music , but it's all in the interpretation inside of you . If you are pure of heart , then you will hear good things , and the same way around . But many of the mainstream artist get their inspiration from , channeling , and divination . If you are interested in the truth in this , then look up a music artist named Jeff Fenholt . I had the chance to meet him about 15 years ago at our old church . He used to be in a band called black sabbath , after ozzy osbourn left . h
He also played JESUS in the broadway musical , JESUS CHRIST superstar . YOU can get his testimony on the internet . BROTHER

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