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Jesus, the saviour, brought Lazarus back to life..

Discussion in 'Ethics & Morality' started by pundit711, Feb 11, 2013.

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  1. #1 pundit711, Feb 11, 2013
    Last edited: Feb 11, 2013
    where is Lazarus now.?
    a man can die IN sin or a man can die TO sin.
    I guess most will say ''lazarus re-died''.
    but that cannot be so, for Jesus resurrected him from the dead and resurrected people dont redie.
    why not?
    Lazarus did not come out wearing the same adamic life again but a new form of life given to him by the Saviour.
    something to wonder over.
  2. LOL Interesting question. I can answer it too. That is. "Wait till you get to heaven to find out"
    No I'm not being a smart alec. This question, as interesting as it is, is only a rabbit trail. How would the knowledge help you grow into the person you were put on Earth to become?
    Honestly I could ask that question of most topics in Talk Jesus. We do get very sidetracked on unimportant thoughts and ideas. Don't we? Let's all concentrate on getting to know GOD and not worry about the little stuff.
  3. Pundit, you are stretching things well beyond what the scripture says or means. By your deduction, if a resurrected man cannot subsequently die, then a healed man cannot be injured again!

    You act as if Lazarus was the only man ever to be resurrected when there are many people who have been resurrected through the ages. Even in recent times those who have been resurrected have gone on to die later just as any ordinary man.

    There are approximately 10 people mentioned as raised from the dead in the bible. Now, do you not think that if their bodies were in some way extra special, there might not have been some inkling of it in the scriptures somewhere?
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    First Lazarus wasn't the only person Jesus brought back to life.
    There was a girl in Luke 8:49-56. Also see Matt 27:52-53

    Second it doesn't say Lazarus was "resurrected" in any Bible's I have, merely brought back to life. John 11:23-26
    Martha said she knew Lazarus would be resurrected on the "last day". Which hasn't happened yet.

    Finally John 5:29 says only the righteous get a resurrection of life. The un-saved get a resurrection of judgement.
    Rev 2:11; Rev 20:6; Rev 20:14; Rev 21:8 say there is a "second death" for those people.
    Some people take this to mean your soul dies in the lake of fire. But this isn't true either. Matt 25:46; Rev 20:10
  5. thanks for your replies. I do believe they are wrong.
    When Lazarus died, he was in the tomb for 4 days.
    He was corrupted and stinketh as are all bodies after 4 days in a tomb. Yet when Jesus called ''come forth'' there was NO sign of stinking nor corruption
    why? Jesus had called forth eternal life and gave this gift to Lazarus - eternal life is the same life force Jesus walked in here on planet earth
    THIS ETERNAL LIFE FORCE as no physical death within it, it cannot re die for it is a gift of life.
    ofcourse Martha already knew, some would be raised up in the last day. What Martha did not know and Jesus told her was '' I AM THE LIFE' and the resurrection.
    as for not being ''important'' subject
    Lazarus was the demonstration of ''the glory of God'' and this glory is TRUE LIFE returned to all men who will believe.
  6. So what do you think the answer is? And how does it affect who you are to be?
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    thank you for your question.

    the statement is made ''MY PEOPLE PERISH, from lack of knowledge''.
    alternatively it can be said...
    so if MY PEOPLE get knowledge they would not perish.

    then again we have the most amazing verse John 3 . V 16
    'for God so loved the world, He gave His only begotten son, that whosoever shall believe on Him shall not perish''.
    Added to this we have Jesus saying ''those WHO KEEP MY SAYINGS SHALL NEVER SEE DEATH'' = so in the sayings of Jesus is the knowledge we all need to overcome death as Jesus did here.

    JESUS IS 'THE LIFE'' - HIS sayings kept will bring forth ''THE'' LIFE and Jesus was showing Martha that day THE DIFFERENCE between her belief and His belief.
    MARTHA did not ''see'' it as most of christendom doesnt ''see'' it.

    THE WORDS OF JESUS OBEYED birth out ''the'' life and when He said to a dead body [a stinketh dead body, ]now oozing corruption ''COME FORTH''= THE LIFE POWER in those words RAISED UP LAZARUS without any former corruption.
    Ask=where is death in the power of life in Jesus - DEATH FLED AT HIS WORD.
    LAZARUS WAS A NEW BEING, JESUS had created him by His word of Life.
    NOW THAT IS RESURRECTION POWER AND LIFE - the same LIFE Apostle Paul knew about when he said '' that i may know the power of the resurrection'' etc phil 3.
    there is an OUT resurrection from the dead, that Paul longed to achieve.

    what was the real purpose of Jesus Advent?
    TO REMOVE THE CURSES OF ADAM from mankind.
    Adam made a ''covenant with death' but Jesus BROUGHT FORTH THE REALITY OF ETERNAL LIFE.
    The NT is filled with eternal life and its message and how to ecape
    WE HAVE all been taught incorrectly and believed a lie - what? that to die and go to heaven is all we need.
    JESUS did not die and go to heaven to receive His life and power HE GOT IT ALL HERE how? by doing the will of His father.
    WHERE did Jesus say ''heaven is'' - and not to GO OUT SEEKING some other heaven someplace else.

    heaven is inside all men - it is the realm of the SPIRIT

    we are a spiritual being incased in a human body.

    Jesus came to set free that real man of the heart, THE REAL YOU IS A SPIRITUAL MAN inside that needs to arise and awaken into THE REALITY OF THE KINGDOM OF GOD here and today as we hear His voice - same as Jesus heard.
    why? so all can live here in LIFE ABUNDANT.see John 10 v 10
    HEAVEN doesn't need us...............
    EARTH NEEDS US as an image of Jesus with the same ministry and the some powers to TAKE BACK DOMINION that adam gave away.

    JESUS - had a title CHRIST - THIS WORD IS A VERB= not his 2nd name= and it is DIVINE POWER and action needed in a born again person to OVERCOME the power of sin.
    yes all men do die once and only once.
    THEY DIE ''IN'' sin and receive their wages
    THEY DIE ''''TO'' sin by picking up their cross daily and setting their eye like flint to OBEY the sayings of Jesus.
    THE HOLY SPIRIT had men write down those sayings so some people actually would understand the ''salvation message and escape sin and death''

    NOW... please consider this
    the church gospel has been preached for 2000yrs and not 1 person from all that teaching has ever become the image of Jesus here - with the same power and the same ministry. why not? isnt the school of the Holy Spirit able to GRADUATE HIS STUDENTS IN THE FULLNESS AND PERFECTION OF CHRIST?
    well that would be a real wasted effort if not.
    however face some facts -not 1 person can qualify as being '' the image of Christ' in the church - why not?
    They have believed wrong teaching and had wrong teachers for if they had THE DIVINE EDUCATION like Jesus had from the SPIRIT OF LIFE - they would have the same ministry - wrong teaching makes wrong people.
    JESUS SAID ''follow Me'' and the redeemed shall follow NO other. REVELATION tells is this.
    if you FOLLOW JESUS AS HE FOLLOWED HIS FATHER = TRUE salvation is assured with all divine fringe benefits.

    SINCERE people are not saved people - saved people WALK IN THE FREEDOM OF CHRIST - DYING TO SELF AND DEFEATING thier LAST ENEMY.
    death is not a friend as the church has made it to be- death is an enemy
    ''to die is gain'' yes sir, to die to sin. NOW THAT IS SALVATION GOD'S STYLE..
    go and sin NO more and you wont die - sin kills - its the law.

    Jesus came to set the captives free.
    from what?
    from the law of sin and death that adam intoduced into this world, that was ruled over by powers of darkness - stop living in darkness and religion that kills men,.
  8. it would come a great surprise to most people that - the reason they die is because the law of sin and death was not removed from their lives here.
    True salvation is LIBERTY TO THE CAPTIVES - here.
    to die is not liberty, because sin has still held church men captive - so they die IN sin not TO sin.
    THE HOLY SPIRIT'S edification is very simple - CLEAN UP AND MAKE WHOLE here and today - so that Jesus can manifest HIS LIFE thru *HIS* church without spot wrinkle of unclean [death is an uncleaness] thing.
    Religious Man does not build the ekklesis of Jesus Christ. Did you know that? Only Jesus will build His church LIKE HIMSELF as His bride is not a deformed sinner still dying in sins.
    again the NT needs to be understaood by THE NEW RACE- THE NEW CREATION - THE NEW LIVING STONES - not the reformed old dead dying religious adam re vamped.
    God's fruit is not physical death - but ABUNDANT LIFE here and now. John 10 v 10.

    now the law of Moses had a levical priesthood - called a dying priesthood -each priest died as did the people under such alaw - they were captives to this law of death and sin aswere those high priests. Yes some did escape but most went via the grave.
    Jesus is now the High Priest of the Order of Melchedezek - the UNDYING PRIESTHOOD - where He makes intercession to the uttermost for His saints.
    AN UNDYING PRIESTHOOD cannot have dying priests within it. That is impossible. HE HAS A KINGDOM OF kings and priests - of the undying kind......
    I am not “down” on the Church SYSTEM-- I am “down” on what has been called “the Church”.
    And let me say that “the Church” is not the finish line for you in this life. Oh no, no, no. dead men in their graves are not victorious over their sin - sin killed them.

    the man ruled over Ladocean church is not His kingdom of kings and priests.
    Yes, they may deceive millions of sincere people, but, His Kingdom brings forth the SAME FRUIT as he is. LIFE EVERLASTING.
  9. We all of us have already been dead. If we are not currently dead, it is because we have believed and shall never taste of death. But... we were dead! You speak of Lazarus being brought back to life, but what we saw in Lazarus was a shadow of the important bringing back to Life. Lazarus was dead in the eyes of men, but all men have been dead in the eyes God... Jesus spoke of this... "And another of his disciples said unto him, Lord, suffer me first to go and bury my father. But Jesus said unto him, Follow me; and let the dead bury their dead." Matt 8:21-22 The dead of which Jesus spoke were still walking around but they were dead to God. Recall these words of Jesus: "And whosoever liveth and believeth in me shall never die" John 11:26
  10. Lazarus, we are told got sick and died - Martha said to Jesus ''MASTER IF ONLY YOU HAD BEEN HERE, my brother would not have died''
    Lazarus, was in the tomb 4 days - dead and corrupted -as Jesus tarred - why? so the GLORY OF GOD MAYBE revealed to all men.
    again Martha said '' MASTER IF YOU HAVE BEEN HERE - WORD PLAY - i.e. living inside My brother - he would have never died,. - ofcourse this refers to John 15 and john 17 - life from the vine and oneness with the Father.
    THOSE people the little flock whom are taught of the Lord - understand HOW TO BE''''IN''''' the person Jesus as He was """""IN""""" His Father - they learn how to be one in spirit soul and body and no one can separate these from THE LOVE OF GOD.
    Jesus the man said '' those who keep MY sayings - he heard from His father and had written down under the anointing pens of the Gospel writers, SHALL NEVER SEE DEATH- thatinc physical death.
    why not?
  11. cont...
    it does us good to seek out the FACTS...................... see for ourselves what is what and how it is.

    this was the condition of lazarus - is a natural occurance and ofcourse nothing could stop this decay from showing after 4 days in the grave.
    but the VOICE OF THE SAVIOUR - REMOVED THE DECAY and RAISED UP A CORRUPTED body into a new life man.
    but what is so fasinating is JESUS WAS born asa MORTAL BABE, but as He grew up ''HE KNEW HOW TO WAX STRONG IN HIS SPIRIT and in the power of ITS MIGHT - RESULTS ARE - JESUS BECAME DIVINE LIFE - HERE - HOW? by keeping the sayings of His father - all written down for our learning - so that DEATH moved away at the sound of the TONES OF THE SAVIOUR.
    the ''TONES'' OF THE VOICE OF THE SAVIOUR - ALTERED LAZARUS CORRUPTED DNA forever - as none redie after their resurrection for they were once dead but now quicked and raised up to life.

    now today it is a well known fact that how we think and what we say ALTERS OUR DNA.
    JESUS grew to be different from a normal being not that He was born ''different'' but He suffered His change over till BE KNEW HOW TO BECOME ''BEGOTTEN OF DIVINE LIFE''.
    He show His people the way too.
    The Ekklesia of Jesus does not strife nor war nor divide with each other.
    why? = the whole school is on the same page
    why? = they are not made with human hireling hands - each person loves their Brethren, because they are not divided but contain the divine ONE-NESS OF holy Spiritual teaching. Jesus is their teacher as HE TAUGHT HIS DISCIPLES.
    Lazarus had become as 1 with Christ. THE DIVINE POWER was in him, so too are the DISCIPLES OF THE SAVIOUR.,
    when u see a 'house divided' you know instantly it is not the Ekklesia of the kingdom for Jesus DOES NOT HAVE A DIVIDED DEFORMED BODY that opposes the HEAD TEACHER.
  12. Either Jesus did not give life to a dead man (because Lazarus did not really die), or Lazarus did not die again after he came to life.. so where is Lazarus now? I think the truth is that Lazarus died twice. There have been a number of accounts of people in hospitals or car accidents, dying once.. and then coming to life. Of course they will die again when their time is up.
  13. umm something to ponder over james......
    Jesus CALLED FORTH Lazarus and this CALL brought a dead man back to life here on earth.
    therefore JESUS WAS THE SHEPHERD of this new creation - and Ps 23 comes to pass in such a life.
    ONCE THE LORD is our shepherd - none of His sheep want because HE HAS BECOME ACCOUNTABLE for their new lifeform.
    Jesus was Now accountable for the MAINTENANCE AND CARE AND SHEPHERDING of Lazarus.
    THEREFORE it was impossible for this new creation to re-die.
  14. So where do you think Lazarus is now pundit711?
  15. that answer would be the Ekkelsia as a foundational member . remember Jesus said '' I will have a church without spot nor wrinkle nor unclean thing - death is considered as unclean.
    Lazarus would have the ability to come and go as Jesus has = along with all the other people Jesus raised up from the dead.
    now we could ask this .... ok why dont we hear from Lazarus or get taught by Lazarus today.

    perhaps James you would like to read this edification by a pal of mine in australia . Je has written it in an easy to understand way,


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