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Jesus saved my life!

Hi I'm new to this forum. I just wanted to say hi and introduce myself.

This time last year I was lost and on a pathway of destruction. And a dear friend of mine never gave up on me. He saw I hit rock bottom and invited me to his church group. It changed my life almost over night.

Jesus spoke to me and told me he loves me and I am worthy of his love.

I love you all and I love Jesus Christ!
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Welcome to Talk Jesus Brother.
Always a joy to welcome another brother in Christ Jesus to this online Christian Community called Talk Jesus.

I hope you find fellowship and growth in Christ Jesus brother.
Once again be welcome!
With the Love of Christ Jesus.
Staff Member
Hello and welcome to the community. Glad you've found it. Hope it blesses you.
Welcome Penos to our wonderful Christian Forum. You have an interesting name, I was wondering what Country that name has its origin. As my friend Chad said, we're glad you found us. Please don't be shy about creating some threads about some of your favorite scriptural topics, even a hobby horse. :hysterical

So, again, I extend to you a warm welcome, we love you already. :hug
Thank you so much everybody for the warm welcome!

I apologize for the delay in my reply, as I have had quite an overwhelming last few weeks.

I praise the good lord for each of you, and offer up myself to do his service work.

Thank you again. I've never received such a warm welcome before. You are all very special, and I am blessed and honored to be a part of your community in Jesus.