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Jesus is great

Discussion in 'Seeking Jesus' started by Timothy M, Feb 21, 2016.

  1. I thank the lord and glory be to him for he is the truth the love and the way. I asked him, if he was there if I could have a relationship with him. not expecting anything, he gave me a new heart. O lord thank you for showing me the truth and may u use me to help the poor souls out there that deny you and will not open their hearts to you. For anyone that asks in his name will receive open your life to him and it will never be the same. I love you very much my lord. His name is Jesus
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  2. Well I love you too.
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  3. You seem to be in a very difficult place. I will be praying that God help you find the answer to your trouble. God has provided that answer for anyone diligently seeks it through Him
  4. Yes amen. PRAISE THE LORD!
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  6. Wow and wow!This is so profound.That's a testimony.And when you desire to be used by God to bring souls to the kingdom,to him it's definitely a yes and Amen
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