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Jesus Christ Saved My Physical And Spiritual Life

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Three years ago I was in a near fatal car crash. Doctor's said I wouldn't make it. But by the grace and mercy of our LORD I am alive. Jesus didn't let me die. He has a plan for me. Through prayer and sending two missionaries, I even as a full grown strong man wept and accepted Jesus Christ as my LORD and Saviour. He saved my physical body and my soul. I am not ashamed of Jesus Christ. I will become a pastor and spread the good news to everyone I see. Real men love Jesus Christ.
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the Lord is kind and it is with kindness that His love is available for you

in the Gospels we read when Jesus told His disciples to pray and one very important part was about being forgiven.
In another part in the Gospels we read of the wicked servant who did not forgive someone else even though he was forgiven much

whatever you do, it is a whole lot of dirty trash no matter who you think you are IF YOU DO NOT FORGIVE WITH KINDNESS all others and love your wife as a real man, with the same lovingkindness that the Lord loves you. Remember that the Lord loves a man's wife with exactly the same love that He loves the man

If you really want to go tell the world about Jesus, you have to get love right first, remembering that He loved you while you were still a stinking sinner and that is the only reason you love Him

Jesus is Lord

Bless you ....><>

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