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Jesus Christ overcomes all things!

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Thank you dear Lord Jesus! Please help me and my wife overcome the grief of losing twins in a very early stage of her pregnancy. Especially, Lord, heal my wife quickly. Heal her heart, mind, and soul. Restore her! She is in pain, she is in stress, she is in grief! Dear Lord help her overcome this! Help her dear Jesus Christ! You have overcame all things and you overcome all things, because you are alive and well! Keep her close Lord, draw near to her.

Help me to be a loving, UNDERSTANDING husband to her. Draw near to me O' Lord!! I can't thank you enough for loving me before the foundation of the world. Use me as a mighty holy husband should be used!

Humble my steps, show me your way Jesus, my beautiful saviour. I am trembling inside for her and calling upon your name! Please saints join in!
Fear nothing. We will meet your twins and Jesus, face to face, in heaven. Oh Lord God/Jesus, you know I am but human but your word says where two agree it will be done and I whole heartedly agree with Tristan's prayer. Be ever present in Your help with him and his wife in this tragedy. We, Tristan, his wife, twins and humanity, are all in Your hands Lord, thank You for Your righteousness and Your love for us