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Jesus Christ is always there!

Well me and my boyfriend live together but he is from mexico. He use to work in an illegal job in Arizona well one time he left at night so by 10pm he wasn't home. I was scared! But by 12am I woke up and started crying but I didn't know why. The next day in the morning He was still not home his cousin told me he got locked up so I was kinda happy cause atleast I knew where he was. But that afternoon he got home and told me all the truth! He had gotten kidnnaped by some people that work doing that to get money. well they had asked him for $5,000 that we didn't have at the time so those people were going to kill him but all they did was hit him punch him kick him and they broke his nose! But at the end they only asked him for $1,000 so this cousins paid that but now that I think about it I see that God was calling him cause back then we weren't going to church we were "lost" (spritally) Jesus Christ was taking care of him and only because of God my boyfriend is alive! Thank you Lord!! I am happy to see my boyfriend now that he is soin to God and relized that will out god were Nothing! My main message with this is "Jesus Christ is always there"!