Jesus called me on my cell phone!

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Hey everybody, I'm new to the group.

Yesterday, I had what I think was a panic attack. Then the strangest thing happened early this morning. I was lying in bed trying to fall asleep, thinking about all the things that could have made me respond that way. Well my cell phone starts lighting up. Now it doesn't ring, it's just flashing like it's ringing and the ringer was on. So I picked it up and it was a call coming through that said Unavailable ID. I was freaked out, cause it wasn't ringing and it wouldn't let me answer. It wouldn't do anything but flash Unavailable ID. I had to turn the power off to get it to stop. So that kind of had me tripping a little. Something popped in my head like, "Who's trying to call you at this time of morning?" It was like 2am. So I thought about it and said to myself, "Maybe it was God." So I got out of bed and went into the living room and sat down in the dark. That's where we usually conversate at that hour. I started trying to organize my feelings and I said out loud. "I feel incapable". Then I started to cry, cause I realized that that summed it all up. So I got on the internet and googled the words "feeling incapable." This site popped up. So I clicked on it and this post popped up.

turn-your-weakness-into-strength by Zulu

I immediately felt encouraged.

then I went to this one.

secret-spiritual-power by Coconut

well that was just the icing on the cake. talk about revelation.

You talking about floored. I couldn't believe it. It was right there in plain sight. Evidence that Jesus called me last night and we had a great chat. Ain't it amazing how God works in mysterious ways. Thank you to the authors of these two posts. I really needed to read that. I am excited to be here with you all. I feel so much better, since I laid my burdens down. Thank you Jesus!
I wanna welcome you here my sister, and you gave me goosebumps, God can get you dizzy and you feel like your heart will just stop beating up sometimes, no one will ever surprise you like Him, we are created to build our happiness on Him, and only through Him, just like cars only run on gasoline, our happiness is meant to be with Him, nothing else will make you or me happy.

God Bless you and I wish you a great fellowship
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Grace and Peace, Sister

I was trying to post earlier and I got logged

Anywhoo....I have the same experiences, it's so romantic the way God wakes me up around 2am, my window was open and I looked outside and the sky was just beautiful. As if God prepared it for our time together.

God is love, and he draws near to us.
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Grace and Peace, Sister

I was trying to post earlier and I got logged

Anywhoo....I have the same experiences, it's so romantic the way God wakes me up around 2am, my window was open and I looked outside and the sky was just beautiful. As if God prepared it for our time together.

God is love, and he draws near to us.
This is such a beautiful post. I love thinking of Him as romantic. How amazing that He really, truly is the Lover of our souls. Thank you for sharing this.

Editted to say thank you also to the thread starter. Great story! God absolutely called you!
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WOW, awesome, fantastic, I just received a prophecy from some friends that is doing the rounds here in South Africa, and it is about the most incredible CONFIDENCE that the bride of Christ is about to be refreshed with, I see it's touching you on that side of the world already sista.

God bless you all over the place and right outa your socks
and may he make whatever ails you to flee in seven different directions at once LOL Hallelujah

Lotsa love beam
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There are no words to describe how amazing He is! Hallelujah! I have been looking for a group like this. I know God lead me here. I am indeed a "kept" woman because He keeps ordering my steps.

I love you Lord. I feel so loved by You.

I shared this experience with my husband and I started the story off with "Jesus called my cell phone". He looked at me and asked, "He's got a cell phone now?" I laughed and cried, "Yes! He has the internet too!" LOL!
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I'm sorry. I was so excited about the miracle that brought me here, I didn't formally introduce myself.

My name is Danyett. I am married with four children, De'kel (10), D'zion (9), Daj'zha (4), and Damir ( 5 months). I have my hands full! I am majoring in illustration at Morgan State University in Maryland. I have two semesters left and God willing, I will finish up this coming spring. Keep me in your prayers.

I am in the process of writing and illustrating my first book. It's taking me forever but it is loosely based on my spirtual journey. I consider it my calling. It is my hope to bring young girls and women to Christ and teach them how to develop a personal relationship with God through journaling, and I also hope to bridge the gap between mothers and their daughters.

Although I don't attend church, (that's a whole nother post) I try to have church with everyone that I meet. I love the Lord and see every moment as a possibility to give Him praise. I can't wait to get to know you all. I look forward to connecting, learning, and growing with you all in Christ.
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The Cell Phone Story

As a believer of over 55 years, one who enjoys the Scriptures & there finds rest & peace -----To Me I find these "visions" quite spooky.
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Fear is the *beginning* of wisdom

As a believer of over 55 years, one who enjoys the Scriptures & there finds rest & peace -----To Me I find these "visions" quite spooky.
Be very careful what words you choose to describe any work of the Lord God in a person's life.

I have often wondered where Christianity would be if the man credited with writing some 70% of the New Testament had decided his vision on the rode to Demascus was something merely "spooky" and not something "amazing."

And what of the man who saw Phillip taken in the spirit to pop into and out of his life just as he was trying to make sense of Isaiah?

Where would we be if Noah had decided he'd been drinking or needed a shrink to make him stop hearing voices?

The natural world belongs to the Prince of this World.
It is full of the flesh - physical pain, physical need, physical death.
Left alone in this wilderness, mankind sickens and dies.
Why are you comfortable there?

The Kingdom of Heaven is *supernatural*.
It is full of the Spirit - and all physical limitations are appealed.
Why do you fear it?

If you walk in the Spirit, the manifestations of the Spirit bring you no discomfort.

And if you walk in the Spirit, you may rest assured that no false manifestations can deceive you. For while *you* may be unskilled in the discernment of spirits (to know angel from demon) - the Holy Spirit knows all things and will *always* lead you rightly.

Never -- never ever -- forget or let yourself be led to forget that the Holy Spirit is not an "it" ... "it" ... is ... HIM.

If you are afraid of the Spirit or His manifestations on the Earth then you will shrink away from Him. And you will likley not see manifestations of Him. And if you do not see Him, then you *cannot* be an eye-witness for Him the way the Apostles were. you wish to be an Apostle --- or are you still comfortable being a Disciple?

There is a difference between the two.
It is not a difference of rank - for the Lord is no respector of persons in that way.

But it is a difference of experience and manifestation and duty.


This woman is being groomed by the Lord to be an Apostle.

She is ready to accept God however He reaches down to her and she will do great things.

As such, Satan is ramping up his efforts to pull her off the road.

He will fail.

The woman had a choice. She could dismiss her cellphone as a malfunctioning natural mechanical device -- or she could reach beyond the physical to the spiritual and see *more*. She *chose* to turn aside and saw the Lord working in her life.

The phone worked perfectly.
It should not have malfunctioned.
Yet it rang....but didn't ring.
It returned to working perfectly later.
It brought her closer to God.

You read Scripture and find rest in it, yet this story doesn't sound familiar to you?

The bush grew perfectly.
It should not have been on fire.
It burned....but did not burn.
It returned to being a perfectly normal bush later.
It ultimately brought a LOT of people closer to God.

Exodus 3

Her experience was not just for her -- it was for all those who hear her testimony and awaken from their long sleep to work and *walk* in the Spirit.

God did not call out to Moses until *after* Moses chose to turn aside and examine the burning bush.

He wasn't looking for someone fearful who would dismiss the bush as imagination or hallucination to do His work on the Earth.

He still isn't.
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Jannette may not be aware ----BUT --I had a long "Chat" with "the cell phone Lady" in a most amicable manner.

But thank you for your concerns for me----A mere disciple of over 55 years standing------I will never be an Apostle Cos I have never seen The LORD.
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It really comes to this:

In my version of the story, the woman's faith that the Lord reached out to her is confirmed at least by the belief of those she tells. She goes away thinking she's had a personal and intimate experience with Him that builds her strength and motivates her to tell those that are sure the Lord has no concern for them that He loved *her* enough to use a cell phone (of all things!) surely He must love them too and if they just seek for Him they will find Him ... And she spreads that testimony to others who hear about how that strange moment in her life made her feel better, like as if Someone loves her, like as if she was Touched....

In your version of the story, a mechanical device goes on the fritz and someone desperate for "anything spiritual" to happen foolishly attributes it to an act of God. She feels better, feels like someone loves her, feels like she's been touched...and then she comes to her senses....

And now it's time for one of my characteristically run-on sentences:

I do not have a "55 year standing" to lean upon, so I will admit that I could be wrong....but it seems to me that the same Lord who turned a husbandman into a shipwright and animal handler, who turned a woman into a pillar of salt, who used a boy's crazy dreams to move people to another country and save two nations from a famine, who decided that for one man long curly hair would equate to phenomenal physical strength, who used flaming shrubbery to reach a murderer who was hiding from the law of the land...and later turned that same murderer into the spiritual leader of a nation, who fed 5000 people with a boy's sack lunch, who even used a talking donkey to change a man's travel plans...

just might be the kind of God who'd use a cell phone.

But hey...only fools (and little children) believe in the miraculous.

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