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Jacob blesses his children, the importance of "blessings" GEN 47:28-50:26

PARASHA: “VaYechi” (and he lived)

GEN 47:28-50:26........1 KINGS 2:1-12........MATT 20:1-21:46

In this we see Jacob (Israel) in his last days, he prepares to “go the way of all men” (As king David put it), Jacob is getting ready to die. He prepares himself and makes sure that his sons and grandsons are blessed and they know what is ahead of them. A father's blessing to his children is very important.

(Deleted paragraph)

Jacob/Israel was set side “Kadosh” for YHVH's special purpose, to bring forth a “multitude of people “mem” and this people, the Jewish people would have to “fight” (Zayin) for survival, “zayin = weapon”,” mem” = “multitude, water, or chaos”

Before he dies, Jacob blesses his 12 children (B'rakhah b'nei Israel) and his 2 grandkids and tells them about their futures, some are bleak, not so nice (one reaps what one sows). Each name of “b'nei Israel” (children of Israel) has a symbolic meaning, what do these names mean to us as “born again believers in Yeshua HaMashiach?” well, let's see;

RUEBEN (Re'eh) “to see”, SIMEON (Sh'ma) “to hear”, LEVI (lev=heart) “united, joined together” Y'HUDAH (contains the most sacred name of God, YHVH) “praise” , DAN “judge” , NAPHTALI “wrestling” GAD “a troop comes”, ASHER “blessed” , ISSACHAR “wages”, ZEBULUN “dwelling with husband”, YOSEF “YHVH will add a son”, BENJAMIN “son of the right hand” MANASSEH “forget my toil and my father's house” (pray 4 Zion, the significance of the twelve tribes of Israel).
There is one interesting thing about “Yosef” it is the blessing that Israel pronounces on his favorite son. It is found in Gen 49:22; “Yosef is a fruitful bough, even a fruitful bough by a well; whose branches run over the wall” We wonder what could this mean? If we take some of these words in the original Hebrew, we see the words; “porat” which is a boy’s name in Israel, it means; “fruitful” from the verb “Parah” which means “to bear fruit” then we have the combined words “Alei-Ayin” which, when searched in the dictionary is very hard to find an exact meaning. But in Hebrew letters, it would be spelled out; “Ayin, Lamed, Yod (then a line connecting) Ayin, Yod, Nun.

In the basic Hebrew dictionary, I found two meanings for the word; Ayin, Lamed, Yod (Alei) one is “On” the other “Pestle” which is part of the flower. The word “Ayin” is “eye” what could we understand with this phrase? Perhaps something like “a bough that bears fruit on the eye, that goes “on” the wall, and then “over the wall” being watered by a spring. Here is one idea, we have to say; “an idea” because one can never be 100% certain of some meanings. What does the “eye” have to do with a plant? a bough? Tree? A pestle which is part of a flower which is part of a tree?

Yosef will be “porat” fruitful, because of him bringing his family to Egypt, they “multiplied” in population in four-hundred years. The family began with 70 some persons, and left Egypt four-hundred and some years later with perhaps two-million! Now THAT is what I call being FRUITFUL (porat) The verse also says; “Ben Porat” or “son of fruitfulness” this is mentioned TWICE, before and after the name YOSEF. Could this mean a “double portion of fruitfulness?” again, we see 70 persons become two-million. Take even the sons of Yosef; Manasseh and Efraim, they became many and it is believed that the descendants of Efraim spread out to many nations, yet Israel claims his grandsons as “his own” meaning they are part of the 12 tribes, which is “Adat Yisrael” (Community of Israel).

But what is a possible meaning of “Alei-Ayin?” perhaps we could say that the flowers that bloom on many trees have pestles, and the leaves, well, many are shaped like “eyes” and if the tree is connected to a spring/well of water, it will flourish. The letter “Ayin” in Hebrew symbolizes “sight” or “insight” if we take the two words “Alei-Ayin” and look at the meaning of the words from an ancient Hebrew perspective, we could see the following; “insight through instruction/direction is a done thing! (Alei) and “insight accomplished leads to life” (ayin).

What were the names of the two trees in the Garden of Eden? The Tree of Knowledge, and the Tree of Life! Is there a connection? If we, as descendants of perhaps Efraim, who descends from Yosef, if we adhere to the instruction of the Torah, we will be blessed with life and life in abundance and we will be fruitful, not so much biologically, but in bringing “spiritual fruit” bringing others close to Messiah, through witness and teaching others HIS Word. We are then “B’nei Porat” (sons of fruitfulness) This is just an idea. We can think about this.

What do we see when we apply these meanings to our lives as “born again believers?” We can all SEE the changed lives, the miracles that have been done in believers' lives, and we HEAR of the faith of others who have been challenged by oppressive governments, we HEAR God's Word through SEEING the words in the Torah, and take them into our HEART, so that the words of Torah are JOINED TOGETHER to our lives, so that we may PRAISE the name of YHVH. We must all look at our lives and JUDGE ourselves in light of the scriptures, are we living the way YHVH wants us to live? We must judge ourselves, lest we are judged, yet we will ALL incur JUDGEMENT at the “Judgment seat of Messiah. Every day is a kind of “WRESTLING” match between our old nature and our renewed nature, the sinful flesh against our new “born again” selves.

We are Adonai's TROOPS, we are at war against HaSatan, and his unholy fallen angels, it is spiritual warfare, and our weapons are the WORD of God, His Holy Spirit, and HIS holy angels, and our prayers, we have been BLESSED with a new relationship with our creator and redeemer, and we will receive WAGES for our good works, (mitzvoth) in form of rewards in heaven, as “gold, silver, precious stones”

Our future hope is one day, to DWELL WITH OUR HUSBAND, who is Messiah Yeshua, who loves us as his “bride”. Every time a lost person is “born again” a SON IS ADDED, to God's redeemed family of believers. We are sons of Adonai's RIGHT HAND, who is Messiah Yeshua, who stretched out his HANDS to receive the nails. We can forget our TOILS, rest from them on the Sabbath, Every Sabbath day is our time to rest from our TOILS, and to be in OUR FATHER'S HOUSE. Someday, we will have our permanent “Sabbath rest”.

We must not forget that one of the blessings of Judah is the coming forth of SHILOH, who is Yeshua, who will have the ruler's scepter, who will be “king over all the earth” to him will gather ALL nations.

1 KINGS 2:1-12

King David is on his deathbed and calls his son Solomon, and tells him “what it is to be a MAN!” so here's the truth to all “macho guys out there who just THINK they know what it is to be a real man. Melech David tells the truth through the Holy Spirit who guides his words;

” Keep charge of YHVH thy God, Walk in HIS ways, Keep HIS commandments as they are written in the Torah, SO THAT, you may prosper in ALL you do. So, there you have it, what it is to be a man, (or a woman) of God, Trust in Yeshua as LORD and Savior, Depend of HIS righteousness through his blood and sacrifice on the cross of Calvary, which will lead us to a right relation with HIM and with his written word, to put into practice as our way of life. But always remember that salvation is through FAITH, and by FAITH only, and never depending on works! (mitzvoth) the “works” are an “aftermath” of our faith experience.

MATT 22:1-23:39

Yeshua tells the story of a man who pays the same wage to various workers who went to work for him at different times during the day. The guy who worked 10 hours, gets, let's say, $100.00 and the guy who just worked 2 hours, also gets $100.00. The guy who worked 10 hours gets upset, “Hey, that's not fair!” but why should he worry, if the man wants to be generous, that's on him, right? Which proves that YHVH shows mercy on whom he pleases, no matter where he or she is, and blesses in abundance with some, and not so much abundance with others, the thing to remember is that HE supplies our NEEDS, one way or another, whether or not we work a lot to get blessed, the blessings will ALWAYS come from ABOVE.

Shabbat Shalom Jimmie
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