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Ive been Contemplating Cussing

I have been thinking about cussing what are everyones alternatives? Ill start with Dag Nabbit,Hogwash,& no shuck no jive.Please contribute to the list.Yours Truly Christan JHS
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Why would you think about cursing? I don't understand? Please explain.

Note: do not use any curse words or even close on Talk Jesus. This is a family friendly oriented site. Thank you.
Chad a reply

Chad I have given you a yes on the rules worry not.Not everyone is the same.Is there anyone who is involved with restoration work on buildings and all the challenges construction work provide?.Benign phrases that express pain and complications of work are a natural thing and they arent exclusively the devil's domain.I dont believe it's all bad language.It's a statement of frustration.Yeah alot of peeps have a lifestyle that provides comfort and cussing isnt an issue. I have spent many and afternoon cleaning out vagrant camps on family property.It's filthy and I can assure everyone that it's unpleasant and the pressure builds from doing such work.I have to work with dangerous machinery and I get frustrated.This is an honest post directed towards anyone who deals with physically painfull and complex physical work on the bottom level. I applaud those who are perfect and dont get slivers or hammer your thumb or whatever and need not to blow off some steam .Does anyone get this???
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Christan, I understand what you are saying. It's hard sometimes not to let a cuss word come out of your mouth, or even a replacement word. It's especially hard when you get angry, lose your temper, or accidentally hurt yourself.

The problem with replacement words is that they are still cussing. They may not be the words that the WORLD has defined as naughty or derogatory, but to GOD, they are still just as bad.

God wants us to be clean, pure, as good as we can get, after all, we aren't perfect. But He wants us to try, and if we have cuss words coming out of our mouths, imagine how filthy we are inside. We are temples for God and need to stay as clean as possible for Him, inside and out.

So when you hit your thumb with a hammer, or if you blow your temper, and you need to release some steam, try:

"That hurt!" or, my favorite. "AAAAAAAAAAAAA!!"
"I'm so angry!" or "That makes me so mad!"

And work on cleaning up the inside as well. For the Lord and for you!
Christan i get what your saying i have had many moments working on my car where i would slip with the wrench and skin my knuckles or drop a tool down in the engine bay never to be seen again.. lol and yeah i have let some choice words slip out... it happens.. no one is perfect.. i dont see where in the word is says anything about cussing being a sin just taking the lords name in vain..and even if cussing is a sin and you let one slip out you can be forgiven..
The only word i say is damn, but i dont think thats a bad word, just wrong saying or how you use it when speaking. I dont feel the need to use ungodly words tho.

I guess its really how you use words, thats all.
yeah brothe christan, I also inderstnd you.Change is a process, a lifetime process and it begins by admitting it's a sin ad asking God forgiveness to it.And surrendering it to God and asking Him to replace it with His character.It starts there brother. If you do this, you will feel that it's not anymore with all your heart when you cuss.It's not anymore heartfelt.You'll make progress.I' saying this bec. I am also in the process of surrendering those kinds to God in Jesus name.God bless us. Peace is with us.
I don't think bad words or replacement one's for them should be used at all, I know it maybe hard for some, but it comes in time, as Gentle says it's a 'process' I know, but you do get there. W.W.J.D. is a good example, I always used it at first, What Would Jesus Do? it's a really good question to get a really good answer. It soon lets you know right from wrong. Try it.
Thank you for Your post Maureen I have so many projects going on at the same time I get really perplexed some times.I appreciate your understanding and will put your advice to use.Shalom JHS CHristan
In complete contrariness to the movement of this thread, what makes a word terrible, to be banned from use in society? Its going to be interesting to discuss this topic without breaking Chad's rules, but I'll give it a go.

For example, should I find a rather persistent muslim gathering a crowd and preaching loudly to the virtues of Allah, and notice the people nodding and agreeing, I might feel compelled to open his mind to the wisdom of God with such gems as:

"Shut up, you 'person of doubtful parentage'. You 'onanists' always spout this 'solid bodily exrections'. May God 'condemn' you to 'a very hot place, believed to be the residence of the devil'."

Now, given that there is no difference in end meaning between that and:

"Would you please cease your preaching, I find it offensive, and would appreciate it if you took a long walk off a short pier."

Why is one unacceptable, purely because it converts anger and fury into the spoken word? Or because it is a more colloquial reference to another 'acceptable' word. Saying "Be careful, there's some dog poo on the pavement" is simply a statement of the fact that the street cleaners haven't yet caught up with a rather inconsiderate dog owner. However, if I was to say "Mind the dog 'excrement'", I'd receive terrible looks for cursing.

I think the reason people say cussing is bad is that if it wasn't they wouldn't relieve any stress or anger when they said them it's only socity makes a
"swear word" wrong the bible dosn't say there is any thing wrong with swearing

God bless you all and love everyone:love:
Here's some of the ones I use: Gosh! Oh, man! Oh, brother! Gosh Golly gee Ned! Good heavens! Fruitful inhabitance ( one has to be creative when terribly angry), geez! Oh, my word!

But the better of them all...
Lord, please help me.
Good Grief!

Dont you all us a word or phrase to express shock, sorrow, surprise, anger, fear .... at one time or another ??

Why, I remember even Richey from Happy Days using one. His favorite was "H" "E" Double Toothpicks!

Heavens to Betsy Ann! Ye gods and little fishes!

Do you consider these "wrong" to use????
Gee Whillikers! Y'all are TOUGH!