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it's just a question about some books...

Hey ppl, i was wondering if any of you have heard of a series called the Prydain Chronicles. I'm interested in reading the series,but i wanted to do some research on them b4 i read them. u just can't be sure with some fantasy books. i don't want to be reading anything bad, u kno? so if any of u have read the series, please let me kno wat u thought of it, and all tht jazz :-D


Courtney ~Shalom~
hmm... no i havent read em sorry...

since this is a fantasy series.. i was wondering, have u read any books by Robin Hobb?? they r really kool books.. so yea, just wonderin if u have read ne of his series..
Robin Hobb.....i dunno, wat are the name of some books by him?

(i still wanna hear from other people about Prydain Chronicles, just so the subject doesn't change...)

Courtney ~Shalom~
hey people, i found the series in the library at my school, so my mom's gonna skim thru them to see if they r ok, so no need to reply...not tht anyone except Aimz did, but anyway :)