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It's getting rough

My Mother is very upset about me joining this board and starting another one.I have been fixing her house up at my physical expence.Now the toll is showing. I have lost the passion.I have asked repetivly for a helper but she dosn't want the insurance problems.I hate to say it but my mom is a scary person .I have two choices,Follow through with what I have started or ditch and move to Israel.We own farmland in Missouri.I would be forfiting it. meanness can suck the love right out of you .I have been in tears for the last 12 hrs.I am the typeof person who can wait and not act .But Time is running out.Please pray for me and send some comforting words.It dosn't matter what yourplaceis in the worldor the congregation we all need to love and heal one another through the Holy Spirit.ShalomJHS Christan
Gosh Christan, I am so sorry to hear of you pain, I can't imagine how tough it is to do the work then be harrassed by someone who loves you. We are behind you Christan, thank you for joining us. Please do not give up on us or your own forum. Remember to which you are called to do in this life. Do not tell her about your personal life what you do on the forum here. I will be praying for you my brother. Peace and love to you. Sister Michele
Its a real part of Being A Christan to suffer.I find It helps me love people more when I am out and about.Thank you MMD I needed to share this.I have been learning somthing very biblical from my mom.My grandmother on dad's side had alot of wisdom as well.I miss Gramma more now than ever. The thing I learned is I am single for a purpose and a reason.I dont want to have anymore relationships that are a combination of mean and kindness.I feel for the Children who get this kind of treatment from their parents or mentors.Right nowI feel like I have had the life sucked out of me but it will get better thanks to God and his servants like you.God Bless you MyMakersDaaughter and thank you for making me feel welcome.Shalom Christan
I wanted to reply to your thread. I have had a very rocky relationship with my mother in the past. I have to say though that it is all now in the past. I prayed for so long about it and every time that I thought it might change, it stayed the same or got even worse. Then my earthly daddy passed away. This changed the situation somewhat,but what really changed it was yet to come. After 1 month of losing my dad, my Mom had a life-threatening operation. She is truly a miracle of the greatess kind. It was at this time that things started to change on huge portions. It wasn't just on her part either. Whatever the Lord was doing it was in both our hearts. I couldn't think about her not being around. It seemed so strange to think about losing her when the Lord had given me so much peace about taking my dad. I guess I just wanted to share that with you. I know how hard it is to give a 100% and all you get in return seems to be strife. It's sad to say though some times it takes a sad situation to ever change some relationships. I pray yours will turn out better soon. One thing's for sure, the Lord is always doing something and when it's all said and done it's always good. Praise His Holy Name. Your friend.......jmh137
you probably already know this but people arent always going to agree withthe things that we do because god tells us to. The bible tells us that we will be purcicuted for his sake but i want to just say that i think you should pray about where your going with your life you know? seek gods will on where you are suppose to be, maybe your not where god wants you to be and thats why its being such a problem. But of cousre do remember that the bible tells us to honor our father and our mother and to not forget them when they are old, love you mother cuz shes your mother but you dont have to be a doormat to her you know what im sayin?
seek god's kingdom and his righteousness and all these things will be added unto you and god will give you perfect peace in your decisions if you dont have peace on something dont do it.
its not about joining a board or starting one i think but about finding gods will in your life and going where he tells you. only then will you have happiness and peace.
God bless you,
if my people, who are called by my name, will humble themselves and pray and seek my face and turn from their wicked ways, then will I hear from heaven and will forgive their sin and will heal their land. ”- 2 Chronicles 7:14

wow. . .christian just read your thread and found the verse of the day. ..
I know that God can comfort you. . .i dont know you. . .i can lift you up and prayer. . .and God will hear our prayer and he will help you. . .heal your land!

I am just thinking of you and your mother. . .and your Lord God Almighty!
If God is for us . .. who can be against us?
Of course we have human feelings about our family, I am a mom for example and I often have to fight against my human feelings when it comes to decisions concerning my family or God. . .
Stay strong. . .or go with the flow. . .decide. . .or wait. . . give up or give in. . .
I will pray for you. .. the bible says this (next to many other great things. . . lol)
The Way to Happiness
1God blesses those people
who refuse evil advice

and won't follow sinners

or join in sneering at God.

2Instead, the Law of the LORD

makes them happy,

and they think about it

day and night.

3They are like trees

growing beside a stream,

trees that produce

fruit in season

and always have leaves.

Those people succeed

in everything they do.

4That isn't true of those

who are evil,

because they are like straw

blown by the wind.

5Sinners won't have an excuse

on the day of judgment,

and they won't have a place

with the people of God.

6The LORD protects everyone

who follows him,

but the wicked follow a road

that leads to ruin.

May God bless you to get up happy every morning. . .just acknowledging Him, praising him for giving you ONE more day to try. . .one more to serve. . . .one more to obey. . .
one more to. . .

GBU, peeps :love:
Thank you everyone.Im cleaning house and staying away from power tools and my welding set.I grew up in the days when physically discipling a child was the norm.My mom had a rough life .She got in a fight with her brother and didnt say goodbye.He came back from normany in a body bag,I used to look at his picture on the wall and cry. I could feel the loss.MY moms brothers are awesome.When she was young she pushed the bed to the window while cleaning.Her baby brother fell out the window to his death.I dont know how youall feel about bad luck and friday the thirteenth but My Uncle steped on a land mine on CHtistmas day and died On my moms Birthday friday the thirteenth..She lost her mother a year later when she became a teenager.As time goes by these wounds seem to reppear'.I might as well get ther rest of this out this week in 1985my dad had a heart attack t took him ten grueling days to die Impooped emotionally Brothers and Sisters LOL but I still have a sense of humour.It's gonna be day by day for a while.GBU all It really makes a big difference.THank you Father for my new freinds.JHS Christan.
hey christian. . .day by day is cool .. . i have lived hour to hour already .. . you are doing GREAT
Just hang in there. . . and remember to refresh at the well. .. at Jesus feet.
And just hang out with him and listen. . .refresh with the water of life :love:
Keep coming back and update, ok?
Thanks Nigh It's about where I am at.I have been cleansed of alot of stuff from this and Im not going to be anyones doormat. So far so good Shalom everyone I love you Christan
Staff Member
In my prayers Christan. Keep your faith strong always brother :)