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It needs to stop

Now I am gonna talk for a paragraph or two.

I love this site. Talk Jesus has been a God given gift to me. It and its members have supported me time and time again. But.................I do not see everyone getting support from everyone.

I have seen so many ppl on here get pushed away becuz they simply stated their opinion. Maybe their opinioin isn't always right. But God cares about their opinion. He cares about what they think. Should we not all strive to be like God? Yes we should. But still I see ppl that harmlessly state their opinion, and then they are being pushed down shoved away and downed. that is not the way it should be. A couple people have already considered leaving this church (Talk jesus). This needs to stop now.

When some ppl try to end arguments they are continued. It needs to stop otherwise this church (Talkjesus) will not thrive and prosper.

Just the other day. I got one of my friends joined this site. She just accepted the Lord 2 weeks ago. And when she saw the way ppl were talking to each other she said to me, "If this is the way all christians act, I dont want to be a part of it."

I hope that a good amount of ppl read this. Becuz it needs to stop.
your brother in christ.
Staff Member
I'm glad you invited your friend sluggy. Please keep in mind to remind your friend that no matter where she or he goes, nothing will ever be perfect.

I am putting my foot down on the recent stupidity that has been happening the past month. You will see new rules, new changes and major discipline. Take my word for it
Jiggly fly.....I am not going to tell you who has been pushed away. I am not at liberty to tell you.

And Chad I pray it does. For the good of this site and others.....and i will tell my friend that.
Formerly Adiaglow
I'm sorry if I was a part of anyone being pushed away. Sometimes a person can forget how to constantly be that loving example. We also need to remember, though, that something the person said might have pushed a few buttons, and the person who pushed just didn't handle the response in the right way. There is definitley a mature way to handle the conversation if you disagree.
I'll be praying for the site and the people who are on it. I love coming here, and don't do it often enough.
I cannot tell you how happy I am to see these postings. I have found myself having to be extremely careful I was so aware of the fact that "different" opinions were not welcome. And it hurt me to see some of the postings I saw. I simply stayed away from them. God is a huge God. It is amazing how we just do not know everything yet.

I have learned that if I look out of myself at the other person then it is very easy to have conversation about anything. Looking away from self is an answer that works when we are with people who look at the same truth in a different way.

Well, Blessings, and I do hope fervently that the new rules will work.