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Israel s journeys through the wilderness, our journey as well, NUM 33 through 36

PARASHA MASEI (Journeys of)

NUMBERS 33:1 through 36:13..........JER 2:4 through 3:4..........JAMES 4:1 through 12

The themes of this parasha study are ¨the journeys of the Israelites through the wilderness and the cities of refuge in the case of an accidental taking of a life.

We see when we read the chapters that Moshe lists the places where YHVH lead the Israelites, starting from Egypt, through the Red Sea, and into the Land of Madian, up and around the different camping sites, up until they are ready to enter the Promised land, Canaan, crossing over the Jordan River. But all of these have importance to our lives as believers,

The journey of our lives lead us all OUT of our EGYPT. Egypt symbolized our OLD LOST LIFE, the life we lead when we were lost sinners, whether our lives were lead by drugs, alcohol, illegal dealings, or maybe non of that, simply, we didn t know the LORD period,
we had a dissinterest in the Bible and spiritual things, Ask me about the Bible when I was 15 years old, I would have walked away, or tell you about Adam and Eve and about Noah, and leave it at that, or ¨can we change the subject please¨ I would have answered. or......
....¨This is getting booooorrring¨ I might have said, My mom gave me a bible when I was 14 or 15, ¨thanks¨ I said, and I never opened it. But the LORD sends a Moshe to initially lead us out of Egypt, it might be a pastor or rabbi, a friend, for me it was Carl Capra, who sat in front of me in Chemistry class in High School, he invited me to his house for a Bible study, so, out of curiosity I went, found the bible my mom gave me, later on, It was ¨Mom and Pop Woolston, who lead me to a church in Petersburg, Virginia, that was where I was born again in 1973, when I was in the Army, their ministry was to the soldiers at Fort Lee. So for me, Moshe came in the form of Carl Capra and Mr. and Mrs, Woolston, and Evangelist Joe Boyd. They lead me out of Egypt, like we have all been lead out of Egypt. but all of our Egypt stories are different. back then, there were very few Messianic congregations, if any at all
so the next best thing was a baptist church.

Next comes the crossing, we cross over to a new life, leaving Egypt and Egypt s demons behind, our journeys begin, the LORD leads us to different places and events in our new lives, going through tests and trials, just like the Israelites did, HE is refining us in the Refiners Fire, we may go through the ups and downs, but we are on our way to Canaan,
Israel s was a 40 year journey, it would have been shorter if Israel had not lost faith because of the negative thinking spies. Some of us will have longer journeys through our new Yeshua lives, others a lot shorter, YHVH has our time clocks, when our mission on earth is finished, we will be brought home to glory. As Canaan was the final place for Israel, and today, it is a modern land thriving with blessings, places to go and with an Army to support (IDF) our final place is the New Jerusalem, our place in glory, in the world to come, and it will come down to rest on a renewed planet earth, how cool is that! and we will live there like for ever like! how cool. but first, we have to go through our journeys, from here to there and from there to who knows where, only HaShem knows. just trust HIM

CITIES OF REFUGE, were for those who accidently killed someone, because that person s relative would be out looking for revenge. like today, we could be driving and someone steps infront of our car, no time to stop, But some of us could indeed ¨kill¨someone, not on purpose, but without spilling blood. Believers can ¨kill¨other believers or non believers with harsh words, critisicm, judgments, spreading lies, gossip, it might take a life'time to build a positive reputation, or a friendship, but only moments to ¨kill¨it. Some believers instead of facing the victim and repenting and making shalom, they retreat to a ¨city of refuge¨ usually within their own selves, avoiding the other person, It is easy to run and retreat, but harder to face the music, how mature are we as believers? are we going to run to a city of refuge? or try to revive the person who we accidently killed?


JEREMIAH 2; 4 through 3;4

The prophet certainly has a right to reprove Israel, What did God do against Israel that the Israelites have left worshiping and serving YHVH? and they even say that they are clean.
The LORD pleads with them through his prophet Yirimyahu, yet they will pay the price of rebellion, Israel will be led away into captivity by the Babylonians.

If we are receiving blessing through YHVH today, let us remain faithful to HIM who has blessed us so, least those blessings be taken away and exchanged for curses, let us follow the Torah, the Living Torah, abide by HIS precepts and mitzvoth, If the Father loves us so, let us show HIM our love and obedience.


JAMES 4: 1 through 12

James (Ya akov) the half brother of Yeshua writes to BELIEVERS, and he tells them NOT to be lovers and conformers to the world, or things of the world. Yes, the world has things to offer, but do they benefit believers? We fight against the flesh, the old nature, and that old nature is in league with the world. James says DON T PASS JUDGMENT ON YOUR SPIRITUAL BROTHER, do not MURMER against him or her, that is one sure way we could ¨kill¨ allow the WORD to judge our brother, not ourselves. Yes, it is our job to point out through God s WORD, things that perhaps our brother or sister in Messiah is failing to observe or transgress against, but not to JUDGE and, or condemn.

shabbat shalom, rabbi Ben Avraham in San Salvador (mission here almost complete