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Habakkuk says God would raise up the Babylonians in the last days. Not the Romans. The Chaldean's are the Babylonian's they are todays Arabs and Muslims.

Habakkuk 1:5 Behold ye among the heathen, and regard, and wonder marvellously: for I will work a work in your days, which ye will not believe, though it be told you. For, lo, I raise up the Chaldean's, that bitter and hasty nation, which shall march through the breadth of the land, to possess the dwelling places that are not theirs. They are terrible and dreadful: their judgment and their dignity shall proceed of themselves. Their horses also are swifter than the leopards, and are more fierce than the evening wolves: and their horsemen shall spread themselves, and their horsemen shall come from far; they shall fly as the eagle that hasteth to eat. They shall come all for violence: their faces shall sup up as the east wind, and they shall gather the captivity as the sand.

"They shall come all for violence: their faces shall sup up as the east wind, and they shall gather the captivity as the sand."

They shall come all for violence: (Islamic terrorism)

…their faces shall sup up as the east wind, (Muslim method of worship)

Sup up means to do so as a horde or an assembly. Islam is the only religion where it's followers "sup their face up to the east" even 5 times a day.

…and they shall gather the captivity as the sand. (Innumerable followers and World domination)

The East Wind is associated with evil, destruction, falsity, AND THE ARABS!

E. Swedenborg (1688-1772) said, "The east wind is always associated with an evil destructive wind. That wind, and especially the east wind, signifies nothing else than the dispersion of falsities and evils….

..."they shall fly as the eagle that hasteth to eat."

They're bent on jihad and have quickly spread across the world. There is a time coming where Muslim's will globally commit the abominations of the earth. They call it "the third jihad." You would be surprised how many jihadist there are in the world today and how many of them have passports and can "fly."

....shall march through the breadth of the land, to possess the dwellingplaces that are not theirs...

Ancient Babylon did not march through the "breadth (wide expanse) of the land to possess dwelling places that are not theirs." Jihadist foreign fighters fit this well both worldwide and in the Mid-East region. Their mission is world domination through demographics and terrorism.

And they shall scoff at the kings.

Jihadist aren't like a military. They don't have brigades of people, tanks, and equipment or airplanes coming at you. (unless they hijack them.) They can ridicule world leaders. (and they already have) They're likened to leopards who stalk their prey. Jihadist can penetrate strongholds. President Kennedy said that a day was coming when terrorism would make war obsolete.

.."they shall deride every strong hold; for they shall heap dust, and take it."

Suicide bombers can deride (laugh) at world leaders because they can penetrate a stronghold in a way that an army cannot. The entire passage sounds like Islamic terrorism to me. They shall heap dust and take it - means they will blow themselves up - fly planes into skyscrapers - whatever it takes they will endure becoming a martyr death and obtain up to 72 virgins in paradise which what the harlot promises them in paradise. Dust is dirt - debris - dust - ashes.

They are terrible and dreadful.

They will use the most horrific means available today to dominate the world. They are feared and dreaded because they hide among the general population.

Some of the experts believe that Habakkuk chapter 1 is prophecy fulfilled. But chapter 2 say's...

Habakkuk 2:1-3 I will stand upon my watch, and set me upon the tower, and will watch to see what he will say unto me, and what I shall answer when I am reproved. And the LORD answered me, and said, Write the vision, and make it plain upon tables, that he may run that readeth it. For the vision is yet for an appointed time, but at the end it shall speak, and not lie: though it tarry, wait for it; because it will surely come, it will not tarry.
Habakkuk asks this question in 1:2...


....shall I cry, and thou wilt not hear! even cry out unto thee of violence, and thou wilt not save!

Habakkuk is complaining to God, and God doesn't answer Habakkuk's question of 'HOW LONG' until chapter 2.

What is the "appointed time" Habakkuk is referring to? An "appointed time" is a 'set' time. Whenever I see the kind of terminology used in the bible, (Hab. 2:3 and elsewhere), it indicates the end of days and time of the end.

Gesenius says, "the vision belongs to a time SOMEWHAT REMOTE! The only time APPOINTED IS THE TIME THAT SURROUND THE DAY OF THE LORD!

Concerning Habakkuk's vision in chapter one.... Chuck Smith said...

...and though it tarry, wait for it; because it will surely come, it will not tarry (Hab 2:3).

"Now the vision for the appointed time is really looking down to the time of the coming of the Messiah. "And though it tarry," he said, "wait for it, because He will surely come and not tarry." The church has been waiting for Jesus to come for almost two thousand years of man's time."

Mathew Henry says...

"There is an appointed time, but it is not near; it is yet to be deferred a great while;' and that comes in here as a reason why it must be written, that it may be reviewed afterwards and the event compared with it."

Ray Stedman says...

"God is saying, "Habakkuk, this isn't going to happen right away. There is going to be a lapse of time, but it will come." This is the character of God's revelation. First God says that an event will happen. Then he says, "Don't you worry about what happens in between. Even though it looks like everything is going wrong, what I have said will happen is going to happen, and if it seems to delay, wait for it. It will come."

I say...

This mass exodus out of the Mid-East region was a free ticket to paradise for many jihadist. These are the horsemen who, "come from far (to join terror groups) and spread themselves." It's not only ISIS providing foreign fighters to the world. There are dozens of terrorist groups who specialize in them and they are prophesied in Habakkuk.

They're bent on jihad and have spread quickly. You would be surprised how many of them have passports and can "fly." The jihadist that broke the first seal on Sept. 11, 2001 flew jet liners into skyscrapers.

Suicide Bombers are mentioned in Revelation 9, but most people missed it in Revelation 6:

And when he had opened the fourth seal, I heard the voice of the fourth beast say, Come and see.

And I looked, and behold a pale horse: and his name that sat on him was Death, and Hell followed with him. And power was given unto them over the fourth part of the earth, to kill with sword, and with hunger, and with death, and with the beasts of the earth.

And my favorite suicide bomber's verse - Revelation 9:17

And thus I saw the horses in the vision, and them that sat on them, having breastplates of fire, and of jacinth, and brimstone: and the heads of the horses were as the heads of lions; and out of their mouths issued fire and smoke and brimstone.

The word for breastplates is the word 'thorax.' Breastplates were held by straps that went over the shoulders or around the neck.

"...and of jacinth," (dark red)...

From Vines.... Jacinth: signifies "hyacinthine," perhaps primarily having the color of the hyacinth. Some regard its color as that of the martagon lily, a dusky red.

According to Swete, the word 'jacinth' in Rev 9:17 is, "doubtless meant to describe the blue smoke of a sulphurous flame."

"and brimstone" - sparks and explosion This is the only place the word 'brimstone' or Strong's #2306 is used in the NT. Strong's #2306 comes from 2303 and says, "in its original sense of "flashing."