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Islam - What's in it for...

Well, I've been doing some thinking here. I read that Muslim men participate in Jihad for the sake of dying for God to be in paradise. I can understand the thought process on that one, die and be with God. hmm...no thought to God's timing but okay. So this paradise has a promise for Muslim men, it promises sexual gratification with all you want virgins. That is completely grotesque, how can a Holy God's only desire is to see a man's sexual desires being fulfilled as that is all there is to a man? I don't' get that. So I guess God isn't so Holy after all in the Muslim faith.
Then the most baffling thing is why would a Muslim woman want to go to heaven? Are they going to be offered up too? Why would a woman spend her life serving her husband then go to heaven to again go thru the torture of serving men?
My mental ramblings in my head only.
Any thoughts?
Great point Maker .... The muslim religion has no respect for women at all ! Look at the Taliban ! Women are considered objects to be used in this loving religion . American muslim women only have their freedom from this abuse because they are in America ! Muslims hate freedom and equality for women . Look at Iraq . Muslims are blowing up other muslims , because of their desire to be free . What a great loving religion ! My wife is a beautiful women of
GOD , and the most important part of my completeness in CHRIST . She respects my call of GOD , but also is my eyes and feelings in allot of matters .She knows me better then anyone else I know . She always reminds me when my mouth moves faster than my brain ! Thank the only true GOD for this gift in my life ! BROTHER
Muslims believe there is no guarantee of eternal life whether they are good or not - whatever Allah wants to do with them- BUT they think that IS ONE WAY -THINK) - and thats Jihad- If they die while in the act of killing a "person of THE BOOK" as they call it: (Jews believe some of the old Testment and Christans believe the old and new).
But DYING FOR GOD WILL NOT GET YOU YOU HEAVEN! Its only because JESUS DIED FOR US that we get to heaeven - IF we receive His free gift of salvation by believing that only the blood of the Lord Jesus Christ cleanses us from sin and we turn from sin to Him.

Jesus said:


Col 1:12Giving thanks unto the Father, which hath made us meet to be partakers of the inheritance of the saints in light:

13Who hath delivered us from the power of darkness, and hath translated us into the kingdom of his dear Son:

14In whom we have redemption through his blood, even the forgiveness of sins:

15Who is the image of the invisible God, the firstborn of every creature
Makes sense Gloria and brother in arms...how sad that allah does not care about "his people." Gosh, I'm glad Jesus thinks I am worth while to die for on a Cross for my sins and he intercedes for me with His Father. I'm glad I have a guarentee with Christ.
Okay, I need reinforcements on my thoughts here. I sent an email to a woman who was a former Muslim and has accepted Christ as her Lord and Saviour. Will keep ya posted.
I once worked with a man of the Islamic belief, all though he was an American born and bred. He chose to go the way of the Islamic faith. One day, as I was walking out from my workplace (keep in mind that I was ALOT younger), he was sitting in his car. He was looking at me and I said, "What are you looking at?" And get this! He said, "The way the sun shines in your hair. In my belief, in heaven (that's the way he put it), a man will have a lovely creature to keep them company. I suppose the creature will be something like you." I knew nothing about the Islamic religion. So, I had no idea that, in reality, they believe there will be alot more than one lovely creature. Immediately after he said this to me, my first thought was, "Well, isn't that convenient?" At this time, this man knew more of the Bible than I did. I had just been walking with the LORD for a couple of years, and although I had read the Bible, I didn't know it like I do now. We had many conversations, and he glorified himself, it seemed to me. So, one day I asked him why he tooted his own horn. That we were supposed to give glory to God alone. He didn't like that too much. I asked him if his wife walked behind him and he said, "Are you kidding?" My thoughts on this were, "Hypocrite. If you truly believe what you say, you'd make your wife walk behind you." And then there was the time (and this was when he decided I wasn't the creature for him in heaven), I said to him, "You know the Bible better than I do. You know JESUS is the LORD. Give HIM glory." To which he replied, with his feathers ruffled, "That is not my faith." See, that's what I don't understand. Why do other religions refer to what they believe as their "faith", or at least the Islamic people do. I don't get that. Faith is the evidence of things not seen. Faith is what GOD gives you to believe in HIS SON. Everything else is just a belief. What blows my mind, what I love about my LORD, is that HE knew very well that in mostly every society since the beginning of time, women were lower than second class citizens. But it was a woman, who when the sun rose on that Resurrection morning, was the first witness to the SON'S Resurrection. Let's face the facts, she was the first preacher after the Resurrection. That's why I love the LORD. Because HE loves me no matter who I am or what I've done. Now, that's a GOD I can believe in. Amen?
Great Post .... Islam spits in the eyes of their women ! But I have bad news for the Islamic men out their . Great and beautiful in , in the sight of The FATHER [ JEHOVAH ] GOD , are the daughters of HIM , and sisters are they with his SON and only SAVIOR [ JESUS CHRIST ] ! And with that being said .... watch out .... for I have seen the daughters of GOD along with the true seed of our FATHER [ jehovah ] crush the head of the lying serpents who try to rise from the dust of the earth and deceive them with false gods and smooth talk ! My advice to these devils , is be gone before one of my sisters crushes you're head , and shuts you're mouth !!!! JESUS IS LORD OVER ALL !!!! BROTHER :lightning :embarasse = LYING TONGUES
I have respect for Islam and i love and respect muhammad and i know all about the Quran, even tho i dont follow the religion and even tho i dont accept everything Islam teaches, i respect it and i love everyone, i dont care who you are, and thats all i'm saying....