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Islam = A Hate Religion (Photos Inside)

Discussion in 'News Stand' started by Chad, Nov 22, 2008.

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  1. (someone sent this email to me, I was moved quickly to post this to expose how demonic the "islam" religion. Anyone who thinks otherwise is sadly deceived). Did someone still have a complaint against President Bush's war on terror?

    These pictures are of Muslims marching through the STREETS OF LONDON during their recent 'Religion of Peace Demonstration.'

    Why would anyone think that we should be at war with such nice, peaceful Muslims?!

    All Christians need to know. You need to forward this one to everyone! These pictures tell it all!

    Muslims have stated that England will be the first country they take over!

    These are pictures not shown on American TV or in American Newspapers (as they might help Bush's war on terror), but were forwarded by a Canadian who thought All Christians ought to know!
  2. This is so true, it is time to really stand and defend our religion, I walk in the streets and a million face stares at me because I'm always wearing a cross,
    They aren't the *peaceful sweet people* everyone think they are, Christians can be known from their peaceful faces, muslims aren't anything like that.

    We have been truly abused by this religion, truly harmed on all physical, emotional and intellectual boundary.
  3. however hatred against hatred, evil against evil is not what Jesus teaches us.
  4. Since you quoted my own little comment, I assume you're accusing me of being hateful? Is this true?
  5. I agree that we are a hated faith, the Bible tells us that we will be. But we must remember, our goal is to win these lost souls with the grace of our loving Father. Bless those who curse us, feed those who starve us, heal those who hurt us. The Word of God can and will do all that and more
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    I have to agree.

    I disagree with this post and I agree with a couple below it. I don't see a reason for this post. I worked with plenty of Muslims and the majority of them do not condone this type of behavior. What Muslims have that a majority of non-believers have in the western world is strong upbringing for strong conviction.

    These may be in the Wrong things, but once you can get them to see the light you have someone that will Follow Jesus to the death. They just need the truth and prayer to remove the veil that is on their eyes Satan put there.

    Posting these pictures are not helpful at all as we do not wrestle against Flesh and blood, (Eph 6:12) and make someone less mature in the Word get the wrong idea and jump on the Muslim hating band wagon.

    They act and behave like they are suppose to, so it should not be a shock to anyone. (Devils children) Love conquerors evil every time.

    Or Lord and King is not even making Judgment on these people. Why should we? There will be a time appointed for that, and pushing them away and getting other Christians to dislike them is not doing what we are called to do. Preach the Gospel to every creature.

    Joh 12:47 And if any man hear my words, and believe not, I judge him not: for I came not to judge the world, but to save the world.
    Joh 12:48 He that rejecteth me, and receiveth not my words, hath one that judgeth him: the word that I have spoken, the same shall judge him in the last day.

    Jesus Is Lord.
  7. sometimes we need to be aware also what's happening now in our surroundings so that we should also know where to turn and how to move.

    Hosea 4:6 says

    People perish for lack of knowledge... Although there are also Muslims who don't care on the cause of Islam and want to live a peaceful life, (lots of Christians too do the same ) but radical Muslims like the Moros here in our nation could use violence just to advance the cause of Islam. How about us Christians?

    If these radical Muslims are that so jealous to spread Islam, what are we doing also? I hope so this is what Nermeen is saying..

    defending our religion?

    In the contrary, we fight not as they do but just like what is being said..


    If balance is given, i think they shall be guided even and well informed too... gaining more knowledge and helpful insights to make them grow more and be mature. :shade:

    Let it be Lord..:pray:

    I don't believe that the spirit of the post is to trigger Christians to hate Muslims but the religion itself. :heart7:Otherwise, if there are doubts or questions, everyone is given the freedom to post though, just remember the rules please???? hehe

    Lastly, yes the tendency is there, but as we yield ourselves to God, He would teach us to love not only those who do good unto us but even our enemies.. When i learned about the violence these Moros doing in our country and the cause they are fighting for, i shall have ask the Lord, "Lord, how shall your compassion come upon these terrorist when they are doing great damage to people's lives and this nation? Killing innocent lives? Destroying everything?"

    But again..

    Amen.. Praise the Lord

    God bless you Br. Mike and the others.

    God bless us all...

    Sister Reymielin
  8. I agree with you reymielin. Some people jump the gun and assume posting the news to Christians for their awareness is "hate". That's so cliche' by now in the Christian community. This is news for Christians. You want to pray for them? Indeed, pray for them without judging me for posting the truth. Had many believers not known what these muslim radicals are up to, would they be encouraged and moved to pray for them? Likely not. So people need news of what goes on in their world.

    You can't pray for the world while living under a rock, secluded of what's happening outside your home.

    If you dislike the post, then's your views. Not mine.
  9. LOL, Chad very good point, a scripture came to mind when I read your post.

    " The wise man builds his house upon the rock" not under it.
  10. Evil!

    A religion of hate and murder is not a religion. Muslims are evil, no true religion which practices world domintation is peaceful. It is of hate and evil!
  11. One thing worth mentioning is that this group uses fear as a weapon. We also know that the scriptures clarify that fear is a spirit and that perfect love casts out all fear. But there is no human in this world let alone anyone on this forum who can cause anyone to see the Light. This is the function of HolySpirit. There is no degree of good in any religion and there definitely no pecking order they are all false and deceiptive. Who is the father of deceiption? So are muslims any better than satanists, scientologists or the wacho's from Waco? These particular zealots are criminals and should be treated as such.

    Yes by all means pray for them and we should be very careful not to judge or stereotype all muslims by this group of zealots, but the bottom line is you are either for Christ or against Christ, and if against Christ then anti-Christ.
  12. Absolutely true. Its more hate and murder than a 'belief' system. Its 100% demonic. Read the Quaran for proof. That's their book, that's their guide.

    Excellent point brother!

    I know we all should pray for them and I certainly would not do anything less. The post is not about judging people or hating them. Its actually about hating evil itself and their belief is all evil. Its about awareness that leads to many believers to pray for them because now they see in full picture what is going on outside their homes.
  13. I don't understand why everyone is mad about this post, I believe it is a vey important post, with all my respect, when you live million miles far from muslims, and meet few *peaceful* muslims every now and then, it doesn't make you an expert.

    I live in an Arabic country, I thank God for all His blessings, but you wouldn't understand how it feels unless you come and live here for a few years.

    Let me tell you about all the Christian girls who were kidnapped and raped by muslims, or nuns stabbed in the chest, or families shot infront of the church,

    I'm not saying that all muslims are bad, but this isn't a religion sent by God, what does light has to do with darkness?

    We are not being hateful when we express how we feel, Jesus accused the Pharisees of things they were accountable for, does that make Him hateful?

    Even God in the O.T promised He will get us through, and defeat our enemies, read David's prayers, was he hateful?

    Chad didn't say "Lets go fight them", he made a post to us, his Christian sisters and brothers, to inform us of a danger.
  14. Excellent point. People who are in their comfort zone don't understand this at all. My family is from Lebanon, where Hezbollah (muslim radicals) hate Christians and kill them. They are trying to to take over the country.

    GOD told us to pray for the enemy. He also said what will happen and who will be cast into the pits of Hell. He never said we should not be aware of what goes on in the rest of the world.

    These articles should help

    Does the Bible call Christians to defend the faith / argue for the faith?
    What does the Bible say about self-defense?

    Quick Quote:

    There are numerous passages that speak of Christians being pacifistic (Proverbs 25:21,22; Matthew 5:39; Romans 12:17). And yet there are many passages that talk about war and violence that God approves of, such as David slaying Goliath (1 Samuel 17). Not to mention the fact that God commanded the Israelites to completely destroy everyone and everything in the Promised Land!
  15. Good.

    Glad this post had gotten clarified some more.

    I think Chad gave the info but needed some more explaining why the post. It almost looked like pushing the panic button.

    Not all Muslims are aggressive but all are deceived by a spirit. There are many groups of them with different beliefs and they do kill one another.

    From our stand point prayer is our most powerful weapon against them. I don't think were in any danger of them taking anything over unless some world powers really drop the ball, so far Bush has done a great Job keeping them at bay.

    I would like to add a point most Christians need to understand. We have scriptures of protection and promise of protection. The world does not and the world is not going to get any better.

    2Ti 3:1 This know also, that in the last days perilous times shall come.

    We are closer today than yesterday to these last days. We are getting close to the gospel being preached all over the world.

    Sadly many ministers have turned from the faith and Word to preach on saving the planet and world peace. A lot of people believe this planet is all they have and put fourth billions of dollars to save it when in truth this whole thing is going to melt in fervent heat, even the mountains and Islands will be moved and turn into a liquid red sludge. We should spend those resources to save the most important thing, People who have spirits who God made and would like to be their father though Christ, Jesus.

    So the Muslim thing is sort of small compared to the whole of it. If it ended today, think of the loss. Thank God for his mercy...

    Jesus Is Lord.
  16. A Hate Religion!

    If anyone has any question about Islam and Muslims, I recommend a book by Pastor John MacArthur. The title is "Terrorism, Jihad and the Bible".
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    that is not the case even it may have seem like i did, but i did not want to comment on you, but comment on the topic

    God bless you brother
  18. Do the photos not speak enough for themselves? I don't feel the need to explain anything. The photos speak plenty for themselves brother. How each person responds to the photos is beyond me - to each their own. I only posted what we call "news" that you will not likely see on the national news channel. They have more important concerns in the social media, like who hit a home run or what celebrity is wearing what clothes.

    So generally speaking, the Christian persecution stuff you will not find in the typical general media news channels or newspapers. You will only find those things in Christian channels and media papers.
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    wow. the topic is becoming hot..

    wow.. the topic is getting hot.. thanks God for the clarity..


    I strongly agree...

  20. Thanks reymielin. I'm sorry, I think I confused you. Those comments I made (the ones you quoted just now) were not directed at you at all. Sorry for the confusion :) They were just general comments at anyone who disagrees.

    We believers will never fully agree on everything in this life, this we know for sure. But we can easily all agree that we must surrender humbly under the Holy Spirit's guidance if we desire to walk with Christ and live like Christ.

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