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Is your light "Working " ?

the question is, Is your light working. I had a friend call me the other day with a problem with a light switch . He had move a switch from one room 2 another and got lose in how to rewire them. He had all the wires needed at the box but they were not in the right place. So he called me a couple of times while he was working on the light, but it seem as if he still could not figure out the problem. So then he called me back ,this probable was his third time calling, and said
Brother I think I'm going too stop for now. Later on that same day he called me back while he was stuck in traffic and asked me again how too wire the same
switch, but this time he was able to hear because he couldn't do nothing but
sitt in traffic and listen. This time listening word for word he realize what he
had done wrong. But wait thers more, as we were going back and fore with this situation God was giving him a relvalation,This is it . The light switch is Jesus.
The power is God. The netural is Body of Christ " US ". If you want to turn a light you flip the switch that gives power to that light .If you want Gods power in you , you must turn jesus on in you . Now if you have a wire in the wrong place the light is not going to work. If your not connected to jesus God can't work though you. Another thing if you don't have your netural wire connected
to the right wire the light still won't shine. The netural wire represent the
saints of God if your not connected to the body of Christ god can't shine .
We may have all the wires in the box and they may be connected to something
but if they're not connected right there's"NO" Power. Are you connected right
so God can shine though " YOU " ! GOD BLESS AMEN!!!
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Amen,great ,simple and to the point.Thank you for sharing.Praise the Lord Jesus Christ that he had powered you up to shine some of the light our way.GBU forever.