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Is Your House A Mess?

Staff Member
Is Your House A Mess?

It's as if we're all a house and outside the house is Jesus and He wants to come in. He'll never force His way into a house, He wants you to invite Him in.

Your ok with having Jesus outside your house. All you have to do is open the door, tell Him what you need and close it again, then go about your business.

But, He wants to come in the house. One of the main reasons you will not let Him in the house is because your house is a mess. You think you have to clean it up first. You've been trying all this time to clean it up.

It's still a mess. He knew it was going to be a mess before you messed it up and you're still trying to clean it up. He's the only one who can clean it up. He's standing outside the door waiting for you to invite Him in.

There's some people right now who used to have Jesus in the entire house but for one reason or another, you decided to evict Him. Or, you decided to move Him into one room, the 'good room' that you keep clean. It's that good room by the big window that people outside walk by and think "wow that house is clean! Wow they have Jesus". But Jesus doesn't have them.

He's only in that one room and the rest of the house is a mess.

If your house is a mess, invite Him in. If you admit this, you've reached out and touched the doorknob. Now, turn the doorknob and open the door. Welcome Jesus into your home.

Jesus loves you. {John 3:16}

/ paraphrased from short sermon by comedian Michael Jr. /