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Is the Mark of the Beast a Chip, a Vaccine or Something Altogether Different? And can you recognize The “Truth” when you hear it?


I have my view, of "The Mark" of GOD" on the believer. and then there is the "Mark of The Beast". The Best one I have heard, The" Historical of Roman Empire" and The "History of the Roman Papacy" is on point. She had to have went to the same school I went to. And had the same historical text books. Of "Rome and The Reformation," And" Historical documents of The Roman Catholic Church", and "Constantine" & "Pope Pius VI"', and "The SUN GOD" and where the names of the days of the week originated from. In which is common knowledge for those who want to know and "to take the time out to study the history of these events of "church" history This is not the fly by night stuff,
This is The research, of the raw materials, with tears and up all night, pencil and paper and heart wrenching prayers enpowered by "The Holy Ghost". I have been checking her stuff out for about 12 hours today or better. This is raw material, she has done her "Homework". It is hard to find a person like this, few in number. I am not really sold on the "7th day Adventist" denomination. I am not into researching them. My interrest is in the "unadulterated "Word of God"!

Her presentation and research is impeccable. Her "Scripture' reference to back things up, is solid! She present the "Word of GOD' like it should be done! with a hint of Heart wrenching tears that has been implanted in her heart and not painted upon her lips.

She is no copycat, she definitely belongs to this club : That only a few belongs too!
New International Version
"This is the covenant I will make with them after that time, says the Lord. I will put my laws in their hearts, and I will write them on their minds."
Meaning: God has pen it upon their hearts and mind like HE written it upon the stone. [no error]. " In presentation" edification unto the Body of Christ.
and I pen that in plain "carnal language". I observed that by listening to her,
I all ready knew the material, I do not have to check it out, I know the materials.. It is written on my heart after I have studied it, It was my prayer to our Father, while some people prayed for things I prayed that everything that I study be written upon my heart everyday and in time of need the Holy Spirit would bring it back up in time of need.

Now I do not know how she is on other material concerning scripture. But I spent over 12 hours going over her "Sabbath", Ten commandents, Roman Catholic, Constantine, days of the week, quotations applied, her movements in presentations, her bacvkground before christ and entrance upon her "New Birth" and into "Sanctication" and Her time in the "Holy Scripture" and Her proclamation" "She Loves "The Word of GOD"! Very Had to find a christian that makes a statement: That they love the "Word of God" and they way they say it. and mentions "The WAY"! They are few in numbers. We all in Christ has some type of specialty in The body' The problems comes when "True Christians" step out of their lane. And there are many that do step out of their lane. "scripture" backs that up.

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