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Is The Book Of Psalms Good Devotionals To Read Everyday

I was wondering, maybe some of you can help me out, but I was thinking of reading out of the Book of Psalms in the Bible as my daily devotional reading.

Are they like devotional reading? Thanks.
I would say.. definitely!! :)
There are Psalm for just about every situation...
when we are lonely, or insecure, or feel guilt, or when we just want to recognize the majesty of God and praise him. I would say for me at least, no other book has inspired me how to pray and what to pray for sometimes.
Any part or the Bible is good for devotions.

".......I was thinking of reading out of the Book of Psalms in the Bible....."

Is there another "book of Psalms" other then in the Bible ?

I just had to mess with ya. :wink:
couldnt hurt. but id say ask the one who really wrote it. i always ask him to show me something expecting to be fed and i turn right to it. the turn right to it method may be something he does with a few of us. i dont know why. i dont know anyone else who says they do that. or rather, God does with them. and lots of people tell me to Be Carefull! the enemy could get you like that. my friend has scriptures come to mind and thats what he reads. God has a relationship with each of us thats not the same as anyone elses. same as no two of us are alike. Its possible the pondering you are doing about reading the psalms isnt something you came up with on your own. maybe he gave you that idea. ask Him.

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