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Is The Bible Written In Code?

I debated if I should use this title! I have heard and read articles regarding the Bible written in code.

Personally, the Bible is NOT WRITTEN IN CODE. I know a Christian gentleman who owned a Bible bookstore. In his store in had a book written by a non-Christian. The author explained how "the Bible was written in code". After looking at the system he used, I told the bookstore owner, "using that system, anything could be written in code. A recipe from a box of cake mix could be written in code". I asked why he would sell such a book, he felt that people can choose for themselves.

I asked him to explain, why would God write the Bible in code? Who then would be able to decipher the Bible?

He was mad at me for some time, about two weeks later, the book was gone. I did not ask him about it.

There is no reason for God to write the Bible in code. He wants His children to read and understand what He is saying! God is not mean and deceitful.
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God Question Brother!!

very Good question.
The Bible is clearly written in in languages we can understand today.

God is not the author of confusion....We have it just the way he wanted us to have it.

Is there a bible code though?

Dan 12:9 And he said, Go thy way, Daniel: for the words are closed up and sealed till the time of the end.

Danial talks about knowledge being increased at the last days.
Before the end, God is going to make sure nobody is with an excuse.

For some that may be a bible code that can only be read though skip line and sequence. Only God could pull something like that off using a understandable translation.

There are some real works that do suggest very strongly a bible Code. In fact names of current people are used perfectly connected and their can be no doubt that it is real. Times and events are also listed.

This has amazed the unsaved, and the saved.

The real question, is this for those that believe?
I doubt it. If we needed to know this information, I am sure the Holy Spirit would have alerted everyone and it would have become important to the Churches that do hear God, and follow his anointing.

I am no expert, but Let the world find the code, be amazed and without excuse. It is interesting if you want to get into it, but there is nothing there that increased Faith, and our Walk with God.

God Bless........... I am sure more will have opinions.
God will not

For God so love the world that he gave his only son to die for our sin.....so that we will not perish but to have an everlasting life......... so while would that same God write in code....... He is not a man that he should lie or a sone of man that he should repent....... He is the same yesterday today and forever more.......
Let the people say what ever they wish to say... for he says when the end time has come meny things will happen......

Perhaps the writer was refering to Jesus' use of parables and hyperbole in His teachings. I think there are also figures of speech in the Old Testament. All of these things take some learning and some thinking to understand and readers who don't make the effort to do a little studying and thinking in connection with their reading will blame God for their confusion.

"He told them (the Disciples), 'The secret of the kingdom of God has been given to you. But, to those on the ouside, everything is said in parables, so that 'they may be ever seeing but never perceiving, and ever hearing but never understanding; otherwise they might turn and be forgiven.'" (Mk 4:11-12 quoting Is 6:9,30)

praise God

Great post SpiritLedEd!!!

Jesus also said that he would no longer spake to us in parables but show us plainly of the father....

I don't think that is what we are on about though.....

taking the old square type Hebrew text through a computer and finding messages.............

The Bible Code

So, some think it is silly others think God, some suggest the aliens that left us here are trying to communicate with us...............Whatever....

Jesus Is Lord.....
I agree that there is no reason for the bible to be written in code. But I will say that there is not another piece of compiled literature that is more mistranslated and misunderstood than the bible. Many have employed the same method in translating the different books of the bible despite the fact that it is a compilation of books and writings of various styles and languages.

Some of these books the authors use idioms, symbolism and allegory. Logically one would not employ a literal method and expect the reader, a thousand years later, to comprehend the thoughts that the writer is trying to convey using a popular allegory of his contemporaries.
I've seen those shows about "bible code" and they are very entertaining, but than again, I find a lot of science fiction entertaining.

There is no validity in these codes. You can pull out similar codes out of any large novel.

It just doesn't support what Jesus taught us.

Wow!!! there are codes in large novels to?

How will we have time to find all these messages?

If God did put code in he Bible, with complete sentences, I wold think they are more for the unsaved to wow at. We have what we need, and no need to look further. If God wanted us to have the information, it would have been mentioned somewhere when the new church was formed after Jesus.

I would have to agree with all that fancy stuff Jiggyfly said. We still have lots left for God to reveal in a language we can read, no need to complicate matters more.

Jesus Is Lord.
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