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Is smoking a sin ?

Smoking should be call a bigger sin if there is anything like that, it has been said that the richest place on earth is the graveyard, because many talented people died with their talent in failure to discharge it.
Some died without know the kind of gift in them while others died with their talent knowing it but fail to share with other.
You and I know too well that smoking is liable to die young, now if a smoker died all in the name of smoking and fail to discharge what God has sent him/her is a sin. Is like saying to God … “am sorry but I can’t do what you ask me to do”. Let us not forget the parable of Jesus in the book of Matthew 25.

Matt 25:24-30
24 “Then the one who received two thousand dollars came and said, ‘Sir, I knew that you are a hard person to please. You harvest where you haven't planted and gather where you haven't scattered any seeds.
25 I was afraid. So I hid your two thousand dollars in the ground. Here's your money!'
26 “His master responded, ‘You evil and lazy servant! If you knew that I harvest where I haven't planted and gather where I haven't scattered,
27 then you should have invested my money with the bankers. When I returned, I would have received my money back with interest.
28 Take the two thousand dollars away from him! Give it to the one who has the ten thousand!
29 To all who have, more will be given, and they will have more than enough. But everything will be taken away from those who don't have much.
30 Throw this useless servant outside into the darkness. People will cry and be in extreme pain there.'

Every Christian is a disciple of Jesus and every disciple has gotten a mission to accomplish and we know that rebellious is a sin, so any Christian smoking is rebelling against God, saying to Him I cant work for you.
in other word smoking is a sin, let me ask a question, what did the scripture say about anyone who kill him/her self…..thing about it.
Smoking should be call a bigger sin if there is anything like that...
Should`nt GOD be the one to decide what is a sin against Him?

Let us also not forget Jesus said...

Mat 15:10 Then he called to the crowd and said to them, "Listen and understand!
Mat 15:11 It is not what goes into the mouth that makes a person unclean. It is what comes out of the mouth that makes a person unclean."

CEV Mar 7:20 Then Jesus said: What comes from your heart is what makes you unclean.
Mar 7:21 Out of your heart come evil thoughts, vulgar deeds, stealing, murder,
Mar 7:22 unfaithfulness in marriage, greed, meanness, deceit, indecency, envy, insults, pride, and foolishness.
Mar 7:23 All of these come from your heart, and they are what make you unfit to worship God.
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Anything that harms both oneself and all the others around them cannot be pleasing in God's sight.
Anything that harms both oneself and all the others around them cannot be pleasing in God's sight.
I smoke, as well do many wonderful faithful followers of Christ that I have met. Faith pleases God. Let those who never put anything in their bodies thats not 'good' for them cast the first stone at the Faithful.

Sorry I cannot take this subject seriously, it has been hashed to death in this forum, and the Word of God stands. Let Gods Word be true and every man a liar.

CEV Col 2:1 I want you to know what a struggle I am going through for you, for God's people at Laodicea, and for all of those followers who have never met me.
Col 2:2 I do it to encourage them. Then as their hearts are joined together in love, they will be wonderfully blessed with complete understanding. And they will truly know Christ. Not only is he the key to God's mystery,
Col 2:3 but all wisdom and knowledge are hidden away in him.
Col 2:4 I tell you these things to keep you from being fooled by fancy talk.
Col 2:5 Even though I am not with you, I keep thinking about you. I am glad to know that you are living as you should and that your faith in Christ is strong.
Col 2:6 You have accepted Christ Jesus as your Lord. Now keep on following him.
Col 2:7 Plant your roots in Christ and let him be the foundation for your life. Be strong in your faith, just as you were taught. And be grateful.
Col 2:8 Don't let anyone fool you by using senseless arguments. These arguments may sound wise, but they are only human teachings. They come from the powers of this world and not from Christ.
Col 2:9 God lives fully in Christ.
Col 2:10 And you are fully grown because you belong to Christ, who is over every power and authority.
Col 2:11 Christ has also taken away your selfish desires, just as circumcision removes flesh from the body.
Col 2:12 And when you were baptized, it was the same as being buried with Christ. Then you were raised to life because you had faith in the power of God, who raised Christ from death.
Col 2:13 You were dead, because you were sinful and were not God's people. But God let Christ make you alive, when he forgave all our sins.
Col 2:14 God wiped out the charges that were against us for disobeying the Law of Moses. He took them away and nailed them to the cross.
Col 2:15 There Christ defeated all powers and forces. He let the whole world see them being led away as prisoners when he celebrated his victory.
Col 2:16 Don't let anyone tell you what you must eat or drink. Don't let them say that you must celebrate the New Moon festival, the Sabbath, or any other festival.
Col 2:17 These things are only a shadow of what was to come. But Christ is real!
Col 2:18 Don't be cheated by people who make a show of acting humble and who worship angels. They brag about seeing visions. But it is all nonsense, because their minds are filled with selfish desires.
Col 2:19 They are no longer part of Christ, who is the head of the whole body. Christ gives the body its strength, and he uses its joints and muscles to hold it together, as it grows by the power of God.
Col 2:20 You died with Christ. Now the forces of the universe don't have any power over you. Why do you live as if you had to obey such rules as,
Col 2:21 "Don't handle this. Don't taste that. Don't touch this."?
Col 2:22 After these things are used, they are no longer good for anything. So why be bothered with the rules that humans have made up?
Col 2:23 Obeying these rules may seem to be the smart thing to do. They appear to make you love God more and to be very humble and to have control over your body. But they don't really have any power over our desires.

"Beware that you do not lose the substance by grasping at the shadow"- Aesop
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I would have to say to smoke a cigarette is not a sin, or drink a glass of wine. It is unhealthy if abused in volume, but the problem with smoking is that it's an addiction. To be addicted to anything is a sin.

Webster's Dict. - "to surrender oneself to something obsessively or habitually.

It's idolatry,
Exodus 20: 3, “You shall have no other gods before me.

The habit of smoking becomes your life, you become a life time customer putting yourself in bondage.
Rom. 13:14 - "make no provision for the flesh in regard to its desires"

When a person becomes addicted it's hard to say no, they go throw withdrawal symptoms, some are receptive to harder drugs and leads to massive health problems.

Also smoking is selfish, it's a person making a conscious decision to put their health at risk, knowing when they get sick and die their family will suffer.
. It's a father or mother who had a smoke outside only to come in the house and hug their chlld, exposing the kid to harmful poisonous debris that remained on their clothes and hair.
. It's the person who smokes around others knowing second hand smoke kills.
. Its the woman who abused her body then asked why her kids, or grandkids have special needs.
. It's showing no concern for air pollution.

Phil. 3: 17-21
17 Brethren, join in following my example, and note those who so walk, as you have us for a pattern. 18 For many walk, of whom I have told you often, and now tell you even weeping, that they are the enemies of the cross of Christ: 19 whose end is destruction, whose god is their belly, and whose glory is in their shame—who set their mind on earthly things. 20 For our citizenship is in heaven, from which we also eagerly wait for the Savior, the Lord Jesus Christ, 21 who will transform our lowly body that it may be conformed to His glorious body, according to the working by which He is able even to subdue all things to Himself.

So to answer the addiction and idolatry is the SIN.
1 peter 2:11
Dear friends, I urge you, as aliens and strangers in the world, to abstain from sinful desires, which war against your soul

Addiction is bondage, it's a war against your mind soul and body. To those who are weak it's destruction. Unlike alcohol, cigarette contains an addictive agent so the addiction chooses you whether you like it or not. Why take such a risk with your health, or play with fire?

My aunt got sick and died due to her lack of control to quit smoking...so I have a personal thing against it. I also ended up with bronchitis due to second hand smoke, and being around people with smoke debris on their clothes. Although I did not stand around them as they smoke, smoke does travel and lingers in a house.

Please forgive me.

Smoking is not a sin...
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Yielding yourself completely to God

God is the potter, we are the clay. If you will yield yourself completely to Him (including your smoking habit), He will make you into what He wants you to be and He will bless you. I learned what this really means recently by reading two books: Christian's Secret to a Happy Life and The God of All Comfort. If you read these two books and do what they say, God will take away the desire to smoke. I have never smoked, but we all have some things that are sinful that we don't want to give up. Praise His name, he is making me into what He wants, not what I want.
I smoke, as well do many wonderful faithful followers of Christ that I have met. Faith pleases God. Let those who never put anything in their bodies thats not 'good' for them cast the first stone at the Faithfu
I am not condemning anyone just stating the facts. The mortality rates do not lie and a smoker will loose an average of 29 years of their life.
After watching my dad and my mother in-law die a slow horrible death from Emphysema you have both my sympathy and my prayer. Slowly their bodies metabolized their muscle mass in order to generate enough energy to keep breathing. Dad weighed scarcely more than one hundred pounds when he finally passed, at last free from that torment.
While this is a bondage and a terrible one at that I cannot be convinced that the Lord is pleased with anyone knowingly poisining themself. Then there is the harm it does anyone else around. Can one ignore the facts and hold oneself uncountable? Yes. My dad was the smartest man I ever met yet he was simply in denial until it was to late.
No condemnation here but love and prayer for freedom.
I don't think smoking is a sin or selfish, Its not healthy (depending on what your smoking or how your smoking it) but I don't think your going to go to hell for smoking.
The will of the Father


[21] Not every one that saith unto me, Lord, Lord, shall enter into the kingdom of heaven; but he that doeth the will of my Father which is in heaven.

It is scriptures like this that give me a lot of concern. Not for you out there, but for myself. "Am I doing the will of the Father?" After reading "Christian's Secret to a Happy Life" I did submit everything to God and now hopefully, I am doing the will of my Father in Heaven. We can always make up excuses, and I am not criticizing the smokers, but we must be aware of scriptures like this one. Read "Christian's Secret...." and then give your life totally to God and He will remove your desire to sin. All of you should realize that we cannot conquer sin by ourselves. But if we turn our lives over to him He will make us into the vessel that He wants us to be. There is no other way.
God Bless
Lets reason 2gether

Sometime ago when I use to smoke, I always look for a way to say the same thing.. smoking is not a sin… but something will not allow me to say that.
Ok, if you see smoking as habit, how can you preach to me if I see fornication as habit?

When Jesus said.. what goes in is not what makes man a sinner…. don’t forget that He was talking of food and nothing more, He not talking about the word we hear or anything but the food we eat.

If we must be followers of Christ we must also be ready to let go of ALL our bad habit, no exception.
The scripture says, cut off your hand if it will hinder you from entering the kingdom of God…. “ I will say to you, please stop smoking if your smoking will hinder some people or lead them to do the same thing”
Do you know that many will say.. but my spiritual mother/father is also smoking, why cant I do the same.


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