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Is my reply right concerning addiction?

I wrote something to someone concerning someone else who reached out in a online forum looking for help. I was asked if I heard back from the person, because I answered his post.
This is what I wrote, beside the grammar do you think what I wrote was right? Here is the email.

(my reply)
Unfortunately, no he did not. I thought maybe it was legit and He was reaching out in desperation, but there were some things he wrote that lead me to believe He is still under the power of addiction. Most want out when they are sober, but because of the devastation the occurs in addiction it becomes like jail bars keeping them in. So, you become self-defeated and reside to live in the bondage that you created for yourself although that is not how you will present yourself to others because you do not want to look stupid. (simply pride)

I had thoughts that he may be playing on the kindness of believers to get help, but maybe not God's help, but a way to get some money. I had hope not, but also knew that could be the case too.

Only God's intervention can get a person out of addiction completely, and not changing one addiction for another, at least that is what I have come to believe. I did not see indications of him trying to reach out for that in his writing.

If that intervention is a miraculous healing of that addiction where there is no desire for alcohol or drugs. Or a Christian treatment place that opens up a new life to you, including introducing you to responsibility, it will be God leading you into it and you will see some sign of repentance or leaning into God which I didn't see but, just blaming others for the condition of his life.

That responsibility part becomes the stumbling block, because in the course of time specially for young folks getting involved with drug use it is an area of life that becomes lost to them. The years they spend partying and then addicted they are losing years of learning and coping skills in dealing with life compared to their peers who did not choose that for their life. Being able to be responsible is hard to maintain and they keep failing at even some of the basic skills needed for stability in life. This adds to the self-defeat and the reliance on the drugs to medicate the pain of inadequacy.

I believe most get introduced to drugs during a painful time in their lives whatever that may be for them. And then the alcohol and drug use become the way to medicate themselves. For you or me it may be something different that we may find to medicate ourselves with, but hopefully as you follow the Lord you learn to take your pain to Him and He teaches you how to cope with it so the sin of trying to do it some other way isn't destroying your life.

And if you end up being unlucky to have an enabler for a time period in your life, like a mom, dad, spouse, relative, or friend the behavior can really get cemented into your life because the full extent of your consequences is seemly postponed for now. Instead of hitting the wall with nowhere to go you have someone helping you to exist on that level, even though we can't imagine it being much of an existence. It is enough though to allow them to stay there and depend on someone else avoiding having to face God and the truth.

This is just my observation, only Jesus can save us. We can help direct someone there. I also believe the emotional door and the drugs together can open you up demonic oppression or possession and some will actually need deliverance (casting out demons) to get completely free. In our society as long as these unnatural or not right behaviors are diagnosis as some mental illnesses the reality of that is hidden. Until, they act out destroying something or hurting someone or taking life and then it can be too late. Maybe not for the individual to be redeemed but for the victims who suffer because of the individual's violence.

Hope you are doing good! And catching up on rest.

Well Mark, not knowing more about the situation than what you printed here, I would simply say that you addressed a hard issue without being unkind about it. Thats not so bad.

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