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Is it really false?!!

Discussion in 'Bible Chat' started by emmy, Dec 5, 2004.

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  1. hi i just was reading threads and one thread really interested me the one in title (What the Bible say...) and as i was reading the replys one also interested me the first reply by chad (Administrator) he said that the Bible didn't say anything about the false of islam or the false of prophet Muhamed and i'm asking you chad in what bases you said that?! i mean just because the Bible didn't say anything about it that doesn't mean it's false, and i know that the Bible it's all about the truth but it didn't say that, so we can not assume that it's false.And don't you think that if islam and prophet Muhamed are false it wouldn't be lasting all these years i mean if Muhamed was false the Lord would stoped him long ago,all these years he was spreading islam and now after hundreds of years we can see muslims every where not only middel east but even in America there muslims and europ and also in Africa where i come from, and if we compare between christianty,jews and islam we'll find that islam spread widely than christianty or jews, and that can't be false i mean i don't belive that something based on false could last that long and there are millions whom belive in it.
  2. Hi Emmy thank you for your response. You see, GOD doesn't "stop" people from doing things like you think He may. GOD gave us freedom to choose right or wrong. That also applies to "prophet" Mohammed and every other false prophet. Because people have gone astray for so many years, we have false religions including Islam. I am not sure how new or old you are as a Christian and how much knowledge you have on Scripture but I think that you have more to learn to reach to a point where you will understand only Scripture is Truth. Yes, it is stated that in the Bible itself so many times that the Word of GOD is the Bible itself.

    Islam is false, and GOD did not stop people from creating new religions, disobeying GOD, and so on. GOD gave us freedom. Freedom makes love geneuine and sincere. The bible DOES say that anything other than the word of GOD is false, including "False Prophets" as stated so many times.

    Please be careful what you believe and keep reading the Bible. Ask the good Lord Himself for guidance and wisdom and He shall give it to you. Others on the board will also explain to you.

    It is 3am here almost in NY so I am going to bed now but will discuss further tomorrow.

    God bless you
  3. #3 Bobinfaith, Dec 5, 2004
    Last edited: Dec 5, 2004
    Hey, Emmy! The answer is not on our bases, but on what Jesus bases, what He says in Matthew 24:4-14 "Jesus answered, watch out that no one deceives you" "and many false prophets will appear and deceive many people"
    Please locate a bible and read this scripture..

    Muhamed is not a spiritual divinity calling by God, Muhamed's teachings may be of God and may mention that Jesus was a great messenger but does not acknowledge Him as the Son of God, therefore it is false teaching..

    Hundreds of years later Muhamed did claim his prophesy and yes, there are millions who have followed his teachings, buddah has their followers, too..Why would God stop him? He gives us all free will, Emmy, he gives you free will..When we became believers of Christ, it was by our free will, I know that no one forced me..That is why God loves us so much..He is patient and wants all us to be patient, that is being Christ like..

    Today, millions of muslims, buddhists, all of us as God's children are converting and receiving Jesus Christ as Lord and Saviour! Please do your research in Africa, ask your fellow brothers and sisters who are in the ministery there..They will share their testimonies of these conversions and will reveal in Uganda, Christianity is growing there like wildfire..

    Emmy, I truly believe the seed is being planted here..Please keep asking these questions not only to us, but directly to God when you are alone, and then please, trust Jesus, come to Live Chat..We would love to fellowship more with you and we will listen..I praise God for your seaching, Emmy, and your family!
    Your friend, bobinfaith!
  4. First i want to say that i do belive in GOD and that GOD gives us the freedom to choose if we want to be belivers or disbelivers, if we want to take the right path or be astray.I know there's in this world astray religions disobeying GOD i mean there are some who worship cows like in India others worship the fire and so on but these astray religions are really limited in certain places and in small groups, we never find whole country belives in these astray religions we never find a country belives in worshiping a cow for exampel what i'm trying to say is that the Islam it's not like these astray religions it's not limited in certain place or groups it's for every one like we can see lot of countries lots of people are muslims .I know you all are saying what i'm doing here?!! well i'm doing a research about islam and christianty, the christainity in the eyes of muslims and the islam in the eyes of christians, so please could you help me with it i only have few questions there are:
    what do know about islam beside it's false? i know you will say i don't need to know about false religion, but did you ever try to find out why they don't belive that jesus is GOD's son and what did you heard about islam and muslims and what do you think of it? what do know about Muhamed's teaching?
  5. Once you read the Bible, study the evidence (scientific, spiritual experience, etc) you'll understand why everything else is false.

    1. What year are we in? 2004. How come no other has the power to make the world tick at the year they were born except Jesus?
    2. How come no other prophets (so called) were performing great miracles like Jesus?
    3. How come no one except Jesus was born to die, to pay for our sins (as ransom)?
    4. How come no other Word (Bible being Word) or "prophets book" is more powerful, well known than the Holy Bible?

    These are 4 (off the top of my head as of now) common obvious things to consider.

    Also, I suggest you look at the Evidence of Jesus Christ forum

    Scientific Facts

    God bless you :)
  6. of course Islam is quite false, just because the bible doesn't talk about it, doesn't mean there is any truth in it. seeing how the bible is filled with the truth, just because you don't see the bible say that evolution isn't right in the a language that is easy to understand, doesn't mean it is the truth. if you look right at the bible, you can clearly state that Islam is wrong, the answer is right in front of your face, Jesus is the true answer. just because it doesn't say, "islam is the worng religion" doesn't mean to believe in it either. you know that God has enemies that go against him, many turn to false prophets, but what those lack is the proof behind what they say. read Deuteronomy 18:22 "when a prophet speaks in the name of the LORD, if the word does not come to pass or come true, that is a word which the LORD has not spoken; the prophet has spoken it presumptuously, you need not be afraid of him". therefore, God wouldn't stop them, but everyone would know they are a false prophet becuase they do not speak the truth. Islam is the wrong religion, and just because the population might be greater, doesn't mean it holds any truth what so ever.
  7. Hello, Emmy! I don't believe that anyone questioned your belief in God, brother, your question was why did God not stop Muhamed's free will. I have personally read the Quran, the sacred text of Islam, considered by Muslims to contain the revelations of God to Muhammad. I confess that I am not a Quran scholar nor am I not qualified to debate this subject but "my" understanding and perspective of what I believe was answered to you in the last post. I also feel that you are answering your own questions, comparing other beliefs and their worships. I still acknowledge the Trinity, God the Father, Jesus Christ as my Lord and Saviour, and the Holy Spirit. He is the Word, the Truth, and the Way. If you are still researching Islam in the eyes of Christians and vice versa, have you located a bible yet? Have you researched the few scriptures on the posts provided to you from your original thread? I feel that may be a start in your research, Emmy. Then after reading please share with Talk Jesus your thoughts.

    Please everybody, we care for Emmy..Keep him and all of us in constant prayer for God's direction for answers.
  8. First i'm not he i'm she i'm a girl coz boninfaith thought i was a man so i have to clear things up.
    i read the Bible not all of it but i'm willing to read it all i don't carry one with me but i read it from christians sites, i did went on evidence of jesus christ fourm and thanks for the suggestion and could you please give me athor christians sites that would help me find the truth and the facts. at first i didn't know anything about christainity but when i look and read about it i come to understand lots of things, i mean you can't understand something if you didn't try to know it.
    one more thing i really was hoping that any one of you would answer my questions and i don't mean what the Bible said about false religions which you already told me but i meant what you think in your own words in your personal experience, like boninfaith said that he read the Quran that's something i really hope that he would tell me more about it, what did you think of it? and why did you read it from first place?
  9. Emmy, sounds like we are doing your homework for you.
    Personally I won't read the Quaran, I am not interested, I know the truth I see evidance of it daily so why read the Quaran. Sorry Bob, my brain is not there to take it on....:confused: lol
    It is difficult at best to determine exactly what you want us to tell you about the Quaran? About Jesus? Some people have already answered your questions Al, Is it Him7, Chad and Bob too.
    If you get a chance go to a Christian book store purchase a Bible and read the Book of John, you will find it enlightening. A good version to get is a Student Bible by NIV or even the Message to help you understand.
    Good luck with your studies.
  10. I whole heartedly agree, I have a little New Testament Book
    by W.W.J.D. I may have mentioned it before on here
    on another thread, it stands for What Would Jesus Do it's
    great, put into simple language so easy understood,
    although it doesn't take away from the Bible, well, New Testament
    it isn't written for the whole Bible more's the pity
    as I asked for it in the Christian Book shop,
    Why would we want to read anything other than our
    Bible, I wouldn't be interested enough to read the Quaran either.
    I was given a Jewish book of prayers and I can't bring
    myself to read that.
    Emmy do try reading the New Testament as suggested by our
    sister and I pray God will bless his word to you.
  11. #11 Bobinfaith, Dec 9, 2004
    Last edited: Dec 13, 2004
    I am sorry that I referred you as a man, Emmy..Two weeks ago I did the exact same thing only to a man at Talk Jesus..:embarasse

    I read the Quran to understand what Muslim's beliefs are but accept they are still people..What do I think of the book? As I stated in the earlier posts to your thread, I don't accept his beliefs, like martydom as a sacrifice to their god.

    Our bodies are temples to God and He has a purpose for each one of us to go and introduce His Son Jesus Christ to the world. Sinners and good doers can greet each other with the teachings of Muhamed but the Quran does not mention Jesus Christ as the Son of God, that the only way to our Father in heaven and eternity is through Jesus Christ. It just does not mention that, sister.

    I only come to Talk Jesus because I feel led here..I also minister outside of my computer and don't have alot of precious time to go to other Christian sites like others..

    But we do notice something Emmy..You always keep coming back here. I have to believe you are becoming a part of the family of God. Jesus loves you and wants you to let Him carry you. Please ask Jesus to come in your life, right now. We love you and are here for you.
  12. Fantastic site if you want to read the bible on-line:

    I use it as my homepage. Nearly every existing translation, search engine, cross-reference links, and commentaries all at the click of a mouse. Although, for honest study, the computer can't hold a candle to the actual Bible, in any of its myriad printings. Something about reading the words aloud, straight from those onion-skin pages really sucks me in.
  13. Emmy, I became a Christian in May this year..which I have to say has been a truly amazing experience and I really hope to grow spiritually too. To be in the Lords presence is the most amazing blessing.

    I like Bobinfaith have read the Quaran, well not all of it-but most of it and many Islamic sources. My reasons were different to Bobinfaith though, I was not saved at the time. I was seeking, I had many muslim friends from different parts of the world Asia, Middle East and Africa studying at my university. One of my friends gave it to me as there was a part they wanted me to read. In the meantime I had begun attending church with a housemate of mine from university. To be honest when I had the Quaran I just couldnt even feel any truth in the words, I found many contradictions and when I entered into the Church or read bible scripture or prayed the Lord was guiding me and showing me His righteous path. With Jesus I felt true peace in my heart.

    I was faced with a huge challenge one day by two of my muslim friends about what I was actually believing and following, who I was praying to and many questions like 'how could God let His son die?', and lots of questions about the trinity. This questioning was for three hours and and this stage in my faith I was not prepared, all I could say is I truly believed with the Lord Jesus as my saviour and I felt it. It made me quite mad with myself, how could I not know..I felt hypocritical. That week though I went away and I read like I had never read before...Christianity, Judiasm and Islam and as much as I read I knew Christ was my only answer-the one truth. It was then that I gave my life to Christ on Sunday the 23rd of May. Only through scripture, reading and praying can you find the truth, I feel that I really needed that challenge otherwise I may of still been lost. Please keep searching, my life is so different now and yours can be too, remember the Father loves you that is why He gave His only begotten Son so that we will not perish but have eternal life.

    God bless u

    *sorry if I went off track y'all, I tend to do that-thats why I dont say too much normally :p*
  14. #15 evangeline, Jan 10, 2005
    Last edited: Jan 10, 2005
    I believe in the Bible for many reasons, but one of the reasons is because it is not contradicted by science, archeology or history. In fact many historians and archeologists value the Bible as a useful book.

    In the Koran or Qaran (or however you want to spell it) says that the earth is suspended on the horns of a bull.
    Hindu sacred writings say that the earth is suspended on a fish.
    The Bible says: "He (God) hangs the earth over nothing." Job 26:7 This was written thousands of years before the first telescope!

    The Koran also has several mythical teachings about the moon which have been totally disproved by modern research. Only the Bible's teachings are eternal and correct.

    From childhood you have known the Holy Scriptures which are able to make you wise for salvation through faith in Christ Jesus. All Scipture is inspired by God... 2 Timothy 3:15&16

    I hope this helps

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