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is it ok to have a girlfreind/boyfreind?

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is it ok to have a girlfreind or boyfreind? i have read in the forums about lust and kissing, i know its wrong to be with someone if you dont love them or in other words lust. but what if you do love them? is it a sin? will god be happy or will he be diapointed? thanks for looking godbless you!

Im no spiritual advisor and dont have any bible verses for you pa8ntballer, but you must have a relationship with someone in order to get to know them.
This does not mean a lust full relationship. We may feel lust towards someone only if we let it lead to lust. To think of someone as beautiful or to get aroused by the site of them, is not a sin. But its what you do with your thoughts and actions that let lust dwell within us that make it a sin.:kiss:

As hard as it may be to not lust for someone, it is important that we keep in mind that we will be well rewarded by straying away from temptation. We are all tempted by lust at one time or another in our lives. I fight feelings of lust everyday of my life and its not easy. We have to try to stay focused on God at our times of fighting temptation and and peer pressure. No matter what others think or say about are believes. There are more ways to get to know someone than just through sexual desires. Kissing :kiss: and hugging are OK if it is done out of love.:love: Get to know and love them before you persue an intimate relationship with someone and you are on here writing about how bad you feel about falling into your desires of lust. Patience always pays off, espesially when it is done for God.
Hope this helps you.

Peace and bless out.:boy_hug: :girl_hug:
God does not give you the liberty to do or have anything out of His will. Find out His will.

Yesterday I read a scripture and was blown away. Man!! God is so specific regarding His ways. Check it out.

"So then do not be foolish, but understand what the will of the Lord is." Ephesians 5:17
Isn't it powerful or what???

Find out God's will. And if you don't know how to.... I'll say how.

Psalm 16:11 "Thou wilt make known to me the path of life ((i.e His will)); In Thy presence is fullness of joy; In Thy right hand there are pleasures forever."

So to know His will, be in His presence. It is a pleasureful experience. Ask Him to tell you and confirm it to you. He'll give you specific instruction regarding any area of your life. Even regarding your relationships and marriage.

God will never honour a dating or love affair sort of a relation unless the intention is marriage. So make sure you are going out with the right person whom God has set apart for you. And also know for sure that God does not allow sex outside of wedlock. I was broken by the threads related to the 16 year old girl Mandy....who got pregnant outside wedlock...and ultimately killed the unborn baby. And they are still going out and planning to get married.
Sex is not a child play. And sex, as God intended it is a sacred union of husband and wife within wedlock. It is not a raw animal emotion that you can let loose anytime. God is not responsible for our mistakes.

Be diligent in every single area of your life. The Bible says "work out your salvation with trembling." It simply means your life is no more your own from the day you were saved, but it belongs to Jesus. You simply can't do whatever you want to with your life.

It is perfectly fine to be in love. But whether or not it is with the right person whom God has intended, is the issue.
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Beloved, it is my opinion that we should keep our bodies holy.

Even if we love someone, we should still obey the Lord and keep lust out of it. However, most people now define Lust as Love. Lust is sin. It is Chemstry uncontrolled. Hollywood has redefined lust as love. Many people do not even know what love is anymore. The greatest feeling you can have for someone is that love that is so pure that sex, kissing and the like is not even thought of. You can adore the ground that person walks on without the lustful feelings. Most people will say this is old fashioned, but it is the real love. It is wonderful. The kind that doesn't die. Lust dies.