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Is is okay to be a pretty boy?

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Mainly a pretty boy is this.....
I know is a lifestyle to a point where young man mostly 15 into there 20s in age to who people who I've seen would shave there legs or wax, they do there eye brows and keeping there hair nice and looking good all the time, looking all good in fashion and spending to much time in the bathroom looking in the mirror and so on, and so forth, and plus keeping there diet all good and working out but they can be lazy on other then working or maybe other things they do but they can be lazy lol just to make there selves look nice and to show to empress for a boy in this traditional way on this earth. But can a male Christian be like this and live in this lifestyle without being pride and lustful in this form?
I am not sure about this but I can tell you that in old times.. the Israelites usually didnt shaved! but now everybody shaves in one way or another and people have their tricks with shaving machines how not totally shave the beard yet to get it handled.

So basiclly.. I cant give you a scriputual answer about that but I belive
that usually it wont be mm politicly correct with the bible.. yet i might be wrong but I dont think that it be considered a big sin.

but about being lustful and pride.. people try to make themselfs look nice neat and clean to pride but if oy just do stuff to take care of yourself not for lusts just to be healthy live okay not getting ur body in bad condition which all the modern western culture seem to brought us to then its okay.