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Is Hell Real? (J C Ryle-- Holiness- Part 1)

It doesn't quite comport with Omnibenevolence does it? An eternal place of suffering first created by God to receive Satan and his angels is then made to receive the unrepentant imperfect humans God in his foreordination of all things created.

And to receive Satan after God allowed him to live after being cast from heaven, so that former Lucifer, now Satan, or, ha Satan, would be let to be Lord of this world that he would roam like a hungry lion and seek human souls to devour. All his power granted by God's allowance.

That I think is important to remember too. Satan can do nothing without God's allowing it.

And at the end, God is going to cast his fallen angel, whom he collaborated with and all those angels that followed Satan into the war, into Hell? As well as those humans whom God , as a race, created to fall.