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I'm just a 16 year old introvert who's trying to get closer to God.
My favorite bible verse is Hebrews 13:5.
I had lost myself in the world but found my path back into my father's arms.
me everyday:
Staff Member
@Elyza Roldan
Welcome to Talk Jesus Little Sister!
Always a joy to welcome another Sister in Christ Jesus to this online Christian Community.

No need to be shy around here :smile:
If we can help you grow in the Lord, by knowledge or prayer you will find Brothers & Sisters of varying ages willing to do so. As the Holy Spirit moves them to do of cause.

Look around and checkout the different forums and should you need any help don't by "shy" to ask any of the Moderators or our Administrator Chad for assistance.

Once again be welcome to TJ.
Glad you have move back to looking to get closer to God and making him more a part of your life. For He is Life, Love, and so much more!

With the Love of Christ Jesus.
Welcome to TJ. God bless you. I am an introvert too, or was. I held everything in, but now I talk with God all about it. He is so good to us little sister; never let go of His hand. Amen
i read your intro and thought what cool bro, then i read a reply and far out, the fair ones! seriously as amazing nick said....Glad you have move back to looking to get closer to God