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Intercessory Prayer - Suicidal attempt

Dear brothers & sisters,
I am asking for you to join me in prayer for a moment please. My fiance Thomas attempted suicide 2 days ago by ingesting a handful of prescription drugs. Up until that point I knew suicide was real but had never been a witness. By the grace of God hes alive and was not even submitted to the hospital. I am still in shock at the event and immensely hurting. Hes been under an enormous amount of stress lately, we have a 7 week old and finances have been a real struggle especially since I'm still on maternity leave. He has a son whom is 6 years old whom we have partial custody. He is feeling the pressure of not having his mother or my mother or family to support us during this time. His mother died when he was 20 and it's cast a dark shadow over his life for 17 years. I am asking for you to intersected in prayer with me tonight, tomorrow, the next day whenever you have a moment to talk to God. I believe that God has the power t ok break my fiance's bondage, his feeling of inequity, depression. Suicidal ideation, break the chains of sadness, loneliness, feeling of being void. That my fiance Ghomas will accept Jesus as his Lord and Savior. That he will fall upon his knees and cry out to the Lord and trust his ways and not his own. I pray that he would be witnessed to in more ways than one that multiple vessels will be used over the next few days that will disciple to him. I claim that Satan will no longer have an influence over his thoughts, his heart, his choices, or his actions. I claim in Jesus name that every chain be broken tonight and that Thomas be filled with the Holy Spirit....that an abundance of Jiy, Love, and Peace will rush over him. J pray that he would be open to receiving God's blessing at that his mind shall no longer be divided. I pray in Jesus Name he will be transformed by the Holy Spirit. He w ok old be given new life and life abundantly. Through Christ all things are possible and through him and in him we are made new. In play this all in Jesus's almighty name let his will be done.
I’m so sorry to hear that, Jewelz. My heart goes out to you at this time. I know how difficult it must be for your fiancé. I just said a prayer for Thomas, asking the Lord to surround him with His healing presence in a special and powerful way, filling him with His love, peace, and strength. He is even more concerned than we are and is able to work mightily in his life. Be assured that prayer brings a real response from God: “The prayer of a righteous man is powerful and effective” (James 5:16). May your confidence in His grace and goodness increase as you look to Him in faith. Grace and peace to you.

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