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Inspirational Artist/Group

I think many artists/groups have inspired me, but it's really their songs that really hit me and make me think, people like Delirious?, Switchfoot? Hillsong United... are a few that over the last few months have really inspired me to make that extra effort to get closer to God
Stay Real
I believe Barry and Batya Segal have inspired me. Beautiful messianic praise music :)
I be inspirate from Choirs like Oslo Gospel Choir or Münchener Gospelsterne. The sing with all heart for the Lrd. I hope some Day I be in one of so kind of Choir.
I believe that Mercy Me and switchfoot definitely inspired me the most. Their lyrics just hit me deep down and make me think.
For me its Darlene Zsech and Hillsong United...i really like their praise and worship music.
Some of U2's songs have helped me, but I love choir/string music too, any Christian ones you recommend?
Staff Member
My first favorite Christian song was Rebecca St James' "Breathe". I love that song and truly touches my heart every time I hear it. Same for Casting Crown's "Who Am I". That song is phenomenal.
Amen Chad ! :thumbs_up :note: :note: That is a heart wrenching song . I love it . Mike
Marty Sampson

Marty Sampson (Hillsong United) not only inspired me....it's through him I realized that our God is an awesome God...can say I was saved through Marty ....Thank God for him...I just love his lyrics...so unorthodox...He uses words like dad for our Father in His songs...can just feel it.Also it's cuz of Marty I've given up many many bad things I used to do....I felt a stirring in my heart ...felt ashamed at myself when I saw Marty worshipping with so much passion.If you have not heard his songs visit Hillsong.com and check them out in the music section

Deeper ,All I need is You ....I can just go on with list

God bless
Naomi :love:
yea i have to agee with you and hillsong united. i wasnt saved by it but am inspired and have exprened the holysprit because of it, but another awsome band is casiting crowns

My influences are vast, these are the main ones.

1. Nobuo Uematsu: Final Fantasy composer. 'Flowers Blooming In The Church', the heartwrenching theme of Aeries.
2. Frank Klepacki: Command & Conquer Red Alert
3. Akira Yamaoka
4. Yngwie Malmsteen
5. Carmen: Just like the mood more than anything else.
6. Delirious: Uber cool, very tranquil and smooth.

The music I listen to is broken down into two categories, music I listen to for enjoyement, and music I listen to that is guitar orientated. One influences me musically, the other technically.

I dont know very many christian bands, the ones that I have heard (with two exceptions) where aweful. I dont believe for one second that this can be so of all others. Im not looking for christian bands who imitate metal, Im looking for christian bands with very sophisticated melodies and harmonies, very adventurous musically and thoroughly professional, if you have heard music from Final Fantasy 8 then you will know what I am looking for, something along those lines, something classically influenced. Please can someone help me find them!
So many Artist are blessed me by their song like Hillsong, Doen Moen, Benny Hinn, Michael W. Smith, Amy Grant, Delirious? etc.
Their songs strengten me and help me closer to GOD.
Because Im full off music, :) their is so many groups and artist that touch me but at this moment their are three artist that inspiar me and thats: Matt Redman, Lindell Cooley and Leonard Jones. Leonard Jones is a Worship Leader with the Morning Star group. His talent on all the difrent string instruments is amzing and just want me to play all the instruments to.
I love Isreal and New Breed Live in South Africa it really sends a message of God being there when I am not all there. Feeling ship wrecked after fighting to maintain in waiting for the promises of God to come to pass in my life this CD helps me to realize that I can encourage myself because I am not forgotten and I am not only a friend to God but he is a constant friend to me.

Be Blessed and Stay Blessed
I think i would have to say Amazing love or Shout to the Lord. Those just brought tears to my eyes. Who Am I is another powerful song. I am listening to You Are So Good to Me right now, and that just hit me with the lyrics and the meaning behind it
Mark Hall/Casting Crowns

Singer/songwriter and youth group leader Mark Hall of Casting Crowns is such an inspiration. If you ever get the chance to see them live, and hear what they are all about...it's an awesome experience.

Also Paul Colman, a great, humble man, doing a great ministry through his music!