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Had a fight with bf last night got angry at God, sad and everything else... bf was playing a gig at a club with his band and didn't have his phone so i couldn't get hold of him. When i gave over to God and decided to use my time effectively and finish a christian book and give it to God i instantly felt God comfourting me and then a friend sms'd me that i was her role model out of the blue and then another friend called me and we talked for 3 hours and then one of his band mates smsed me and told me that i shouldnt worry that my bf does love me and that i am a rare find because i am so special. Talk about Gods unlimited blessings to cause a smile in a time of pain.
hey alicia thats awesome, its just another example of how GODs love never fails us,..
stay strong and GOD bless you for your dilligence

love sunshineerin

(paint grattitude on everything )
Inspirational Stories.

My Senior Year of High School, my best friend and accountability partner was Danisha - an outgoing, athletic, loving, strong Christian girl who lived like no tomorrow. She and I did so many things together, and every morning we'd meet and talk about the time we'd spent with God the day before, or any thing the Lord had shown us, or had been doing in our lives.

We graduated, the summer came, we went on a one-week mission trip to Mississippi with our Church high school choir; it was our last year so it was special. We made wonderful memories and enjoyed every minute of it. A week and a half later, I went to Germany on another mission trip. So many amazing things happened that week, and I could not wait to share them with Danisha.

I came home and did not get to see Danisha. The following week it was time for Church Camp. I didn't go; I had to work, but Danisha did, and I was excited for her. I couldn't wait for her to come home to tell her all about Germany and for her to tell me about camp. She came home.

Monday we had a youth activity called "Monday Funday". I saw her there, hung out, then went our separate ways afterwards. When I first saw her I remember hugging her like nothing else! I was so excited to see her! So she went with 2 friends and her sister to a friend's house. I went with 3 friends back to the church to drop them off. And then went with another friend to Sonic and chill. I got home at around 9:30p.m.

I jumped in the shower. I got out, and my dad walked into my room and told me my friend TJ had just called. Wierd, he never calls unless he has girl problems... and thats usually only during the school year. Ok, I guess I'll call him back.

"Hey, Travis, did you call?"
"Yeah.. umm.. have you heard?"
"Heard what?"
"Danisha got in a car wreck, and they don't think she's gonna make it."
"Repeat that-"
"Danisha got in a car wreck, and they don't think she's gonna make it."
"What do you mean she got in a car wreck?! I was just with her tonight. What are you talking about? I'm confused; what happened?"
"Danisha, Daniel, Melinda, and Tilatha got in a car wreck over by the Mckee's and doctors are saying she's not going to make it... they think she's going to die."
"WHAT?!!!?!?! No... no... where are they?"
"Everyone's at Scott & White [hospital]."
"Okay.. ok... thanks for telling me, bye."
"Will you be ok?"
"Sure. Bye."
"K. Bye."

I let the phone fall. What was going through my head? My best friend was going to die. Repeat those words in your mind and tell me how much they make sense... can you really undertand that? No. I could not grasp what I'd just heard. I made several phone calls, received several phone calls... God, what should I do? I called Marleah... Danisha's sister, another good friend of mine. She told me everything... how her entire right side of her body had shattered. They'd hit a tree. Her brain was swelling. They were going too fast. Brain pressure too high. She wasn't driving.

Four weeks in ICU. I spent much of that time in the hospital. I got off of work early. I sat in the ICU waiting room many hours a day. Did not see her until mid August... the accident had occurred in July. She was alive. Not the same. But when I saw her, when I saw her family, when I walked into her hospital room, I saw nothing but the presence of God. Nurses came to know Christ, many other patients heard the gospel, many other people in the lobbies experiencing their own traumas became believers, and many realized their underestimation of a God that can heal those with nearly no life.

Today, She can walk. That is something the doctors did not expect her to do. She can remember many things. She was supposed to forget. She can speak clearly. She wasn't supposed to due to the traecheotomy. She is in the process of getting her right arm to move. She will do it.

She is alive. She was supposed to die.

I'm having lunch with her on Thursday.
Wow.......................................................................... (speechless).
Thats all I can say and oh: Praise God!!!

God bless
Um, yeah, God is GOOD! As Danisha and I were talking about today over lunch, God has his own plans that sometimes don't coincide with ours. Funny, isn't he? Thanks guys! Glory to God.
That made me cry and realise I can't afford to loose my friends who help me in this race called life and help me spiritually thank you for sharing
I was sitting on a bus recently and was feeling really like crying and like i cant cope with stuff and a kid was sitting opposite me on the bus.

Well, this little boy was about 4 and he started to sing like kids do to themselves and sometimes really loud HA! But this kid was singing this over and over, he had a lovely voice to , real sweet. I remembered the words and have been singin it to myself ever sinse.

Clean hands or dirty hands
brown eyes, green or blue
pail cheeks or rosey cheeks
Jesus loves you

come to him while you may
be his little lambs today
clean hands or dirty hands
Jesus loves you

i think he must have learned it in Sunday school or something but im glad he did because it made me feel a whole lot better
Im glad God blessed you on the spot :love: He knows when we need the pick-me-up :love: He knows when we need that angel protection :love: He knows when we are clinging onto Him :love: God bless you and protect you :love:
Kids are soo simple but have pure hearts, that was beautiful an GOD is awesome...................... keep the stories comming its always encouraging to christians.

God gave me a vision last night of my best friend dying,..(she isnt a christian) he later put on my heart to get her saved,.. in the morning a decided to buy her a planet shakers ticket( a huge youth conference) and as i rang her she explained to me how that night she had gone to hospital because she had callapsed an they didnt know what was wrong with her..............i proficiey that she will be saved