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hi ya'll,
where do you get your inspiration to write your songs from?
Can ya'll give me ideas from where i can write songs from?
Staff Member
Yes, simly right from your heart.


1. Holy Bible
2. Experience with GOD
3. Wordless soothing music (relaxation kind, like ocean sounds etc)
4. Others' tunes (obviously Christian related or at least acceptable messages)

Just be honest and sincere in your songs. Praise GOD!
I write songs about my feelings. About the world. And about the glory of good.
MOst of songs are depressing though. lol
Look at your favourite passages in the Bible and think about what they mean to you, and how thankful you are that God is so awesome and mericful towards us. He is truely a wonderful God!
in a word EVERYTHING
lol. sometomes it a feeling sometimes its something i've seen or something i've read or...there are no limits.
Music is another language, It is just a tonal one with 12 different sounds. i start praying with a guitar in my hand and at some point I stop speaking and start singing. It is interesting sometimes I can't remember the song sometimes I wouldn't want to share the song and sometimes I get it down on paper.

I don't think it is important to write it I think that it is importaint to sing it if you are gifted this way Psalm 96 says it all.

however if you are writing songs in this way you will be singing songs to God this is good. If you want to write a song to your bro/sisters you need something worth saying. Bible and life are the places these come from.

Just keep it joyful
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