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Therefore now there is no condemnation for those in Christ Jesus
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This is a coincidence that many of us were discussing this in live chat last night. It is important to forgive ourselves. GOD forgives us when ask for forgiveness and so we must forgive ourselves. No questions asked, done deal. Salvation is still for you. GOD loves you and understands that you were sinful but you repented and asked for forgiveness. This is 100% how it is done with every human on the planet anyway (followers that is). We sin, repent, ask for forgiveness.
I wrote up a response this morning then it was deleted as I submitted it, so here goes number 2 try.

First off I'd like to know if your husband is saved or not. Do you have a Pastor or Counsellor you can talk with?
I understand that you have some serious concerns about confessing this to your husband but there is another side to the coin which has to do with the marriage vows you took. I am by no means saying to tell him but I advise you to seek Pastoral support, this is a very tough thing.

Second the issue I see; is your salvation being on the line for this sin. Yes if you did not repent sincerely and I am not the one to judge whether or not you did this, you know your heart. But from what I read in what you wrote you appear to be sincere but that is my opinion.

Please read 1 John 1:9
"If we confess our sins, he is faithful and just and will forgive us our sins and purify us from all unrighteousness." NIV

Once we seek forgiveness from our Father He WILL forgive us. God loves us more that we know or understand so much so that we can call him "Abba Father."

My heart goes out to you, I can't even imagine how you are feeling. I will be praying that you speak with a Pastor and trust God's word.
its a high time you forgaqvae urself since the almighty God has forgiven you and he knows that u are a sinner and if u confess of this then u are free. pray and ask Him to guide you thru this that u may find ur spiritual path again. If he can firgive you no man can deny you forgivens so have faith and talk to God dont degrade urself u are a wonderful creation of God.
Dear Elaine,
My heart goes out to you, the anguish you are putting your self through is heart breaking. I wish there is something I could do to help you.
Luke 24:46-47
Eph1:7 "Through the blood of his Son, we are set free from our sins. God forgives our failures because of his overflowing kindness." Gods
Heb. 10:14-18
You are absolutely right that that we pay a consequence for our sins and that has to do with how you are feeling. Please get Pastoral support, you cannot carry this on your own. My heart is heavy feeling your burden but that is why we are here, to help you. I am in no position to pass judegement on you, Jesus's arms are wide open waiting for you to hold you and give you peace. Read the Psalm as David did so much with the sin in his life, you feel his pain.
I sought the Lord with all my heart and found the truth.
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Elaine, is your husband a man of God? If so, it is his responsibility to forgive you. It is the resposibility of all believers to forgive. I feel that your conscience is being pressured by the Lord. I expect that you will remain in torment until you deal with confession. ......."they are no longer two, but one......"--> this fellowship is broken between you and your husband because of your conscience. It really comes down to what kind of man he is in relation to God. Can you trust him to forgive you?